Learn to recognize Hawaiian medicinal plants – YouTube

A free four-week workshop starting in July will help people recognize Hawaiian medicinal plants in their own backyards. Subscribe to KITV on YouTube now for …

Source: www.youtube.com

A nice, concise video from KITV-4 News in Honolulu about an upcoming month-long workshop on recognizing Hawaiian medical plants in your own back yard.  Cultural practitioner Leina’ala Bright will teach the course.  For details, visit http://kitv.com.  Aloha, Russ.

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Garden friends not always furry or feathered

It is easy to love feathered friends in our garden such as mynahs, finches, cardinals and doves. If we are fortunate we may even have some native birds such as apapane, iiwi or amakihi.

Source: westhawaiitoday.com

A totally fascinating article by Hawaii Island plant expert Norman Bezona.  In this special report for "West Hawaii Today", Bezona looks at some of the indigenous and imported animals, lizards, and birds that have added to the wealth of living creatures in Hawaii.  Bezona says most of our "imported" animal species such as lizards and birds "are harmless and even beneficial."  But, he cautions that quarantine inspections are vital to keep harmful and dangerous plant and animal life away from the state.  Bezona believes it is human mismanagement and carelessness that have created most of the problems for indigenous Hawaiian species and not the "imported" animals themselves.  Quarantine stations must be maintained to prevent problems before they occur.  Good article.  Aloha, Russ.

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