Opinion, analysis, and discussion.

From time to time, I’ll publish opinion and analysis articles about Hawaii and its role in the world-wide economy.  These posts will reflect my experience as a USAF officer, intelligence analyst, Amateur Radio Operator (KH6JRM), former news director for Pacific Radio Group (Hawaii Island), and my work as a substitute teacher for the state of Hawaii Department of Education.  Unlike most of the articles I post, my personal essays will NOT be objective.  They will reflect my biases and life in the “real” world.  I invite your input, no matter where you stand on the issue under discussion.  I will treat you fairly as a reasonable adult, respecting your culture and belief system. Of course, there will be differences of opinion.  Public opinion on local issues will often be covered in Hawaii News Polls, which will be run on the right sidebar of this blog.  You are encouraged to respond anonymously.  I’m looking forward to discussing the vital subjects of the day.


Russ Roberts

Administrator, Hawaii News Digest