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Mission Statement

Hawaii News Digest  is a news blog that analyzes, discusses, and summarizes Big Island of Hawaii News and cultural events.  The opinions expressed in this news blog are my own, unless otherwise specified.  Stories used in this blog will have sources, reporters, and data identified to facilitate fact checking.  If errors are found, they will be corrected.

I will try to be fair and impartial.  The object of this blog is to establish a line between fantasy and reality.  As much as possible, I will cite facts and other sources to back up my opinions.  Your comments are welcome and can be added to the comment sheet at the end of the news summary.

Occasionally, I will add polls to the newsblog to determine a story’s relevance to our Hawaii Island community.  All polls will be anonymous, with results available by selecting the appropriate box on the polling form.

I look forward to your participation.


Russ Roberts, administrator

Hawaii News Digest



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