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“Low demand results in more available vacation rentals.”

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After Maui’s wildfires, thousands brace for long process of restoring safe water service

Maggie T. Sutrov showered, drank treated tap water and watered her garden before she learned that she shouldn’t be using the water in her home on Maui after wildfires devastated the island. Concerned about others making the same mistake, she quickly created a flier on water contamination from guidance she’d found on the county’s website and worked with a pop-up community center to get the word out.

Volcano Watch: Using remote acoustic monitoring to distinguish volcanic styles

Volcanic eruptive activity may take many forms, from gently erupting basaltic fissures in Hawaii to intense explosive eruptions like those of Mount St. Helens. Volcano observatory scientists are keenly interested in understanding such events and their implications for hazards. Two types of eruptions have been the focus of recent studies at Stromboli in Italy.

Moonlight in the afternoon at Kahilu Theatre

As a companion event to the George Nuku sculpture residency in Volcano, pianist Meng-Chieh Liu explores night music of Beethoven, Chopin, Debussy, Rachmaninov, and Szymanowski. Gustav Highstein joins him for Schumann’s Romances for oboe and piano.

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