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Top story:  “Do Lahaina property owners have the right to rebuild?”

Views expressed in this Hawaii State News summary are those of the reporters and correspondents.  Accessed on 28 August 2023, 0805 UTC.

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Weekly News Read
August 27, 2023
… We asked the Maui Mayor’s office and the Maui County Building Permits Division. Here is their response ….
… Lahaina Still Locked Down As Search For Remains Nears Its End ….
… The ‘reassignment’ of Manuel was purposefully defective in order to allow for it to be reversed by litigation such as this ….
… “supporters” gathered around him, showering him with about 15 leis, which went up to his chin as he grinned happily ….
… oral arguments concerning how much water was permitted to battle the Maui wildfires took place in supreme court Wednesday August 23, 2023 ….
… “I was angry because they were leaving the area unattended,” said Juan Advincula, 58, who watched the initial efforts to put the fire out. “It was the winds, the dryness and the embers I was afraid of. Someone should have stayed.” ….
… car after car was turned back toward the rapidly spreading wildfire by a barricade blocking access to Highway 30. One family swerved around the barricade and was safe in a nearby town 48 minutes later ….
… Even before the full impact of the fire and the visitor exodus from Maui were known, the Hawaii Department of Labor reported that Maui unemployment for the latest week hit nearly 7,000, compared with the 700-800 that has been the norm ….
… positioning himself to play a role in what are expected to be epic court fights over who will be held liable for the devastating Maui fires ….
… Office of Disciplinary Counsel has received at least 12 complaints about attorneys who are not licensed in Hawaii soliciting survivors of the Maui fires as clients ….
… HIEMA head: It took hours for state to understand full scope of Lahaina disaster ….
… An emergency proclamation by Gov. Josh Green offers developers the opportunity to route around almost all regulations on building homes ….
…The House Small Business Committee sent a letter to the Small Business Administration seeking information and a staff-level briefing on how the agency is assisting victims of the Hawaii wildfire….
… “Genuine sympathy is better than contrived empathy,” the business wrote in the post of the photo of the sign. “It’s not always about you Mr. President.” ….
… Biden address ‘community engagement event’ on Maui, Aug 21, 2023 ….
… Green attributed some blame for the catastrophic Maui fires to climate change when he appeared on CBS’ Face The Nation on Sunday ….
… NEM solar users bills increase: 100%, 200%, or more …
… HEI suspending dividends, drawing down $370M credit line and further separating HEI and ASB boards ….
… will Hawaii adopt California’s version of inverse condemnation liability in wildfire cases? ….
… Maui County and other state officials and entities have also faced their own share of criticism for the response during and after the fires ….
… UPDATE Aug 25, 2023: “About 100 names tentatively removed from missing list” ….
… there is a darker side ….
… how a licensure compact is likely to benefit Hawaii residents ….
… among the heartbreaking losses earlier this month in fire-ravaged Lahaina were three healthcare clinics that served approximately 30,000 patients ….
… KMCWC will purchase a year’s supply of mifepristone (1,000 doses), and DOH will reimburse KMCWC for any unused doses ….
… Oliveira directly oversaw Hawaii County’s mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery efforts for diverse emergency and disaster events, including tropical storms and the 2014 Pahoa lava flow ….
… more than a dozen hotels and timeshare properties are currently housing more than 4,400 shelter survivors and hotel employee survivors, while some 900 people are booked in Airbnb units ….
… there are National Guard, Reserve and active duty personnel who make up the task force. Also included in the task force are Army civilian personnel from the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency ….
… most cities in the U.S. have required arbitrary amounts of parking to be built with every new building or new business ….
“… Innovative Transaction to Rehabilitate Properties and Preserve Long-Term Affordability ….”
… to offer the homes and lots for purchase by the tenants of record (the original plantation workers) and current Varona Village residents ….
… The Hawai‘i State Data Book is the most comprehensive statistical book about Hawai‘i ….
… HHFDC housing referral program ends first week with 900-plus dwelling options for displaced Maui residents; Governor Green urges more property owners to participate ….
… the homeless are sacred cows ….


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