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“Hawaiian Electric shares plunge after utility is sued over devastating Maui fires.”

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Weed is just another nasty four letter word

A weed may be defined as any plant growing in the wrong place. Perhaps an even better definition is “a weed is a plant for which we haven’t found value”. Just like there is no such thing as a bad child, only bad behavior, there is no such thing as a bad plant. It is just that we haven’t yet figured out its use. Perhaps a better word to describe what we call weeds would be “pioneer species”, trying to heal the wounds created by man or natural events like lava flows and hurricanes.

Kona Open Space to hold open house

Kona residents are invited to attend an open house where details of the Kona Open Space Network Plan will be presented and community members will be able to offer input in the planning process.

Kona post office to change location

Despite guesses and conjecture running amok on social media, The United States Post Office has not officially chosen a site for a new retail location for the Kona Post Office, and are seeking community input.

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