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“FAA sets up new process for Hawaii air tour operators to fly at low altitudes after fatal crashes.”

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Plant of the Month for August 2023 – Weeds with Benefits

Although a gardener might consider weeds their enemy, some that are commonly found in our gardens have beneficial properties. Instead of seeing them as evil, you might want to know ways they can serve as culinary treats or as medicinal remedies. Hopefully, knowing the benefits of some weeds will increase your respect for them, even if you decide to remove them rather than using or consuming them.

Volcano Watch: USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory staff return to American Samoa

It’s been one year since Ta‘u volcano in American Samoa started shaking residents of the Manu‘a Islands (Ofu-Olosega and Ta‘u Islands). Fortunately, there have been no additional earthquakes since the volcanic unrest ended last October. This month, USGS staff will be returning to American Samoa to do outreach, strengthen relationships with partners, and maintain the monitoring network.

Santana tribute featuring Larry Dupio coming to Palace Theatre

A Tribute to Carlos Santana featuring Lightning Larry Dupio is on August 12, 2023 at 7 p.m. at the Hilo Palace Theatre. He will be backed by a group of the Big Island’s finest musicians: Yumbel Marassi, Noa Eads, Josh Timmons, Trevor Veilleux, Leo Brayman, Reggae McGowen and Jason Sherbundy.

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