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“Real Estate sharks circle Hawaii Republican HQ as Party loses another chairman.”

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Russ Roberts

Weekly News Read
July 23, 2023
… Just two months after being elected at the abortive May 6, 2023, Republican state convention in Hilo, latest Chair, Tim Dalhouse, has resigned ….
… “Chris Dawson is looking after the interests of our Department of Defense clients and others in our community such as the Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement” ….
… Aloha Stadium: Hawaii lawmakers plan to Copy San Diego’s Failed Snapdragon Project ….
… We also know that our Island Burial Councils in particular don’t have quorum, a number of them currently. This will allow them to still meet ….
… cost of building, not cost of buying ….
… now team Miske wants group meetings behind bars and four more months of delay ….
… If the plea deal drops the felony counts, it’s possible that Martinez could keep her job as the head of training for DPS ….
… After ‘arbitration’ they will be reinstated with back pay. In other words, a long, paid vacation. ….
… unfettered loyalty to HPD employees,” including the accuser’s father ….
… 140 months for conspiracy, wire fraud, and embezzlement from the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 1260 and ordered to pay restitution in the amount of $209,391.72 ….
… “This emergency proclamation is one of the largest state-level housing actions anywhere in the country in years, if not decades,” said Senator Stanley Chang, chair of the Senate Committee on Housing ….
… over half of all Hawaii-born bachelor’s degree holders now live outside of state ….
… Folks on the Neighbor Islands: Don’t laugh. You might be next! ….
… the highest per-passenger cost among light-rail systems in the nation — by far ….
… Iwasa: Honolulu Would be Better off Without Rail ….
… Rail Logic: Shut it down so we can afford to build more ….
… the tax must pay for “housing infrastructure,” defined as (developer subsidies including) water projects, drainage, sewers, waste disposal and waste treatment facilities ….
… 0.5% county surcharge to the state’s 4% general excise tax for the purpose of funding “housing infrastructure” ….
… major technological advances, especially in sustainable fuels and carbon-capture, and reaching consensus on land-use policy are some of what’s required for Hawaii to fully decarbonize ….
… treat utility earnings as a guarantee ….
… Act 222 will establish a road usage charge that applies to all passenger vehicles by 2033 ….
… “The only people that are going to have the guns is going to be criminals.” ….
… in state court they would have been sentenced to probation ….
… The purpose was to bring awareness to initiatives to modernize our public safety facilities, disrupt pathways to prison, and reduce recidivism ….
… The Hawaii Police Department has responded to 6,479 calls for service/incidents in the area from September, 2018, to April, 2023, with an estimated cost for responding to these calls ranges from $319,000 to $459,000 ….
“…It is crucial for the well-being and security of Leeward Coast residents that this area remains cleared and safe….”
… Dave Swann and Keli‘i Akina were among winners at this year’s annual journalism awards ceremony presented by the Hawaii chapter of the national Society of Professional Journalists ….
… back-to-back record hauls in extramural funding ….
… relating to the installation of fire alarm systems at eight public schools ….
… but the number of jobs decreased ….
… The industry supports about 5,000 jobs in American Samoa, chief among those a StarKist Co. tuna cannery ….
… Camp Blaz is being outfitted to host thousands of U.S. Marines, a plan said to threaten more than a dozen species with extinction ….
… The proposed critical habitat areas include the states of California, Florida, Hawaiʻi, North Carolina and Texas; the territories of American Samoa, Guam, and U.S. Virgin Islands; and the commonw
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