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Thursday • May 25, 2023
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How to use old hospital site?

By GRANT PHILLIPS Hawaii Tribune-Herald Part of the former Hilo Memorial Hospital is being renovated, and Hawaii County is collecting feedback about the future development of 20 acres surrounding the facility. The need for more housing and health services were prioritiesexpressed by community members and stakeholders at a May 15 meeting discussing potential uses for the old hospital property located at 34 Rainbow Drive. But some neighbors expressed concerns about possible disruptions…Read more

DeSantis joins 2024 race

Announces candidacy with glitch-filled Twitter livestream By NICHOLAS NEHAMAS AND SHANE GOLDMACHER NYTimes News Service MIAMI – Ron DeSantis’ long-awaited official entry into the 2024 presidential campaign went haywire at its start Wednesday during a glitch-filled livestream over Twitter. Despite the problems, DeSantis, thecombative 44-year-old Republican governor of Florida who has championed conservative causes and thrown a yearslong flurry of punches at America’s left, provides…Read more

‘I’ll beat your ass’: Puna man indicted for alleged domestic violence

By JOHN BURNETT Hawaii Tribune-Herald A 19-year-old Puna man has been indicted by a grand jury for a violent domestic incident last week that allegedly included an abduction, a beating and an involuntary car ride fromHilo to Puna for the victim. The indictment charges Adam Almaraz with kidnapping, second-degree assault,first-degree terroristic threatening, domestic abuse anddriving without a license. A bench warrant issued with the indictment orders that Almaraz, who is in custody at Hawaii…Read more

‘I’ll beat your ass’: Puna man indicted for alleged domestic violence

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