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Bills to legalize gambling in Hawaii “go bust in Legislature.”

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Accessed on 19 March 2023, 1203 UTC.

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Russ Roberts

Second try at Attempted Murder trial

Two defendants convicted of attempted murder of a security guard at the Kona Seaside hotel are set to have their case retried after an intermediate court of appeals vacated their conviction and remanded the case to be retried in circuit court.

Kona man accused of sexual assault changes plea

A Kona man charged with multiple counts of first-degree sexual assault related to incidents at a local high school changed his plea to no contest this month after a panel of mental health experts found him fit to stand trail after being held in custody of the State Hospital since 2019.

Pharmacy in Limbo

The pharmacy at Kona Community Hospital needs an additional $2.3 million from the state Legislature to comply with federal regulations or risk closure, potentially affecting over 500 chemotherapy patients.

Grape Varieties for Hawaii

When we think of growing grapes, we might recall the expansive vineyards growing in California wine country or a backyard grape vine somewhere on the mainland.

Mobile health clinic unveiled

A new mobile health care clinic has arrived on the Big Island courtesy of Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies, a Hawaii-based nonprofit dedicated to improving maternal, child and family health care.

Cesspools slated to close

Two West Hawaii large-capacity cesspools are slated to be closed by the beginning of the month according to action taken by the The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

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