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“Tourism Management?  Hawaii Hotel Construction Boom Biggest Since 1970s.”

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Accessed on 06 February 2023, 0535 UTC.

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February 5, 2023
… we’re in the midst of a new hotel boom unseen since the 1970s, with more than a dozen Oahu projects in the construction or late planning pipeline ….
… “Democrats have pretty much run Hawaii since statehood. What we have had here is quite a bit of corruption. We have one of the lowest voter turnouts in the nation….”
… we are still paying the price for allowing corruption ….
… Decades of neglect in monitoring the program has left the department unable to evaluate its success ….
… 2022 saw a mysterious high-altitude balloon alert over Kauai….
… he received more than $90,000 in bribes from foreign defense contractor Leonard Francis, who plied him with luxurious hotel stays, travel, and prostitutes ….
… Clad only in white shorts, Yuen, a former Punahou coach accused by numerous female athletes–but never charged–was cuffed and soon whisked away in an unmarked vehicle ….
… Star Adv Headline: “Native Hawaiians are denied loans that other applicants get” is absolutely false. A more accurate headline would be: “Hawaiian-only loan program won’t fund UXO sites” ….
… Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement awarded $4M from Oweesta Corp ….
… On Oct. 19, 2022, the United States Department of the Interior (DOI) announced that it would host its first-ever consultation policy with the Native Hawaiian community. …
… Lynn Finnegan and Lani Kaaa resign with one day notice four months before the Republican State Convention ….
… Lawmaker apologizes for comparing housing chief to the devil, but doubles down on DHHL criticism ….
… see the list of registered candidates–Friday, February 17, 2023, is the Candidate Filing Deadline ….
… This is the 5th-highest percentage, nationwide ….
… every bill is about children ….
… Senate Bill 925 would levy “a tax on the activity of sustaining excessive accumulations of wealth by every qualified taxpayer.” It would impose a tax of 1% of net worth per year ….
… Green’s “GAP” plan seeks to provide tax credits for food, rent and child care expenses primarily to Hawaii’s lower- and middle-class families ….
… removing the tax would lower medical costs and help alleviate the state’s doctor shortage ….
… Legislators have introduced multiple bills in the 2023 legislative session that seek to remove the GET for medical services in Hawaii, either wholly or in part. They include ….
… The state Senate Human Services Committee approved Senate Bill 1035, an excise tax exemption for doctors serving Medicaid, Medicare and Tricare beneficiaries ….
… Bill 62 which just passed first reading at the Honolulu City Council seeks to create new tax categories for non-owner houses on Oahu. The only reason to create new categories is to increase taxes on non-owner houses. Non-owner houses are occupied by renters ….
… Honolulu Council Bill 57 and Hawaii Legislature SB1230 ….
… The new session has started and there are 49 gun bills in the Hawaii Legislature ….
… This week abortion bill HB1343 and assisted suicide expansion bill SB442 are scheduled ….
… Republican Sen. Brenton Awa and Democratic Sen. Mike Gabbard voted against the bill ….
… In 2017, Hawaii became the sixth state to extend pharmacist prescriptive authority to contraception ….
… there were 1,809 abortions reported in Hawaii in 2020, a decrease of 9.7 percent from 2019 ….
… Grassroot Institute of Hawaii so far has submitted more than 20 pieces of testimony on bills relating to issues ranging from housing to healthcare ….
… Our Legislature’s 2023 session is definitely cranked up now ….
… The Hawaii House Committee on Tourism advanced a bill that dissolves the state’s tourism authority and creates a three-member “destination management agency.” ….
… To address the issues raised in the Hawaiʻi Supreme Court opinion in State v. Obrero, the Hawai‘i State Senate passed Senate Bill (S.B.) 36 on third reading today ….
… to submit a report of its findings and recommendations to the House of Representatives no later than twenty days prior to the commencement of the Regular Session of 2024 ….
… The Senate Judiciary Committee heard comments for and against the bill on Friday. Ultimately, the committee deferred the bill ….

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