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“Corruption?  The conference room at the Capitol erupts in laughter.”

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January 29, 2023
… “Is the Legislature as a whole acting from a place of integrity?” The answer, from Senate Majority Leader J. Kalani English, came immediately: “Yes. Next question.” The conference room at the Capitol erupted in laughter ….
… I have had community members with tears in their eyes saying they can no longer vote, no matter what, no matter how much they love me, they can no longer vote for a Democrat because we have become complacent and corrupt. ….
… The purpose is to block election of OHA reformers and to change electoral districts in a away which pushes out existing reformers ….
… “blatant retaliation for his choice to express views as a concerned citizen on a matter of supreme public interest in violation of his rights as a whistleblower.” ….
… Miske had set up the meeting in a parking lot next to a Waikiki area elementary school to discuss the implications of a failed cocaine purchase in California a short time before, which had been broken up by federal drug agents ….
… the woman who would be picking up the drugs was a corrections officer who had a “romantic relationship” with another prisoner housed in the same module ….
… a correctional officer at the Federal Detention Center in Honolulu from approximately 2014 to 2018 ….
… We’re only pretending to do this so the feds don’t get involved ….
… The Honolulu Police Department told commissioners this month that it has not added any additional ethics training despite the City Auditor’s recommendation ….
… The man fell to the ground as the first of the two shooters sprinted to a waiting vehicle. The wounded man was lying on the sidewalk to Issa’s left as the second shooter, located to Issa’s right, began firing frantically at the downed man ….
… 3 out of 5 of my household turned positive in a matter of a few days ….
… the humpback death rate roughly tripled starting in 2016 and continued high thereafter ….
… More than 15,000 people left Hawaii for the mainland last year ….
… the average cost for a dozen eggs in Hawaii is about $9.73. That’s 51% higher than a year earlier and 53% higher than #2 Florida ….
… Arbitrary Lines: How Zoning Broke the American City and How to Fix It ….
…”The only reason we are pursuing a development at Ke Kahua in Waiehu is to bring affordable rental units to struggling Maui families.
… Could Fabian’s death have been prevented if the biological parents had an attorney to investigate the fitness of these foster parents prior to Fabian’s placement? ….
… SB 1347 / HB 1049, designated GOV-01, aims to give broad tax relief to pretty much everyone in Hawaii. It does this by juicing up several credits already on the books, giving a significant boost to the standard deduction, and doubling the personal exemption amount. …
… We’re going to give the money to the unions. There won’t be anything left for tax cuts ….
…“They should look for ways to make government cost less and run more efficiently and operate on a leaner budget.”….
… we have high hopes for a few ideas that could make a real difference for our state ….
… Most compelling was the governor’s proposal to increase tax deductions and support open records, but all the talk about spending was worrisome ….
… Gov Josh Green, State of the State address, January 23, 2023 ….
“We implement programs to address the root causes of recidivism . . . such as drug use and mental illness . . . and to respond to other urgent community needs. We embrace this expanded role.”
… some schools are projected to lose 20% of their student body in the next four years ….
… Hawaii’s Senate has decided that abortion expansion bills should take front and center ….
… Hawaii lawmakers introducing consumer privacy bills and biometric privacy bills ….
“…We amended our homelessness emergency proclamation to reflect guardrails that will ensure we don’t have to choose between our kuleana to culture and land….”
… bureaucracy and red tape have become a major barrier to affordable housing in Hawaii ….
… TheHandi-Van, who called to make or change reservations for rides, had very long telephone hold times or did not have their calls answered. Under the agreement, Honolulu will take immediate steps to lessen hold times ….
… REALLY OBVIOUS QUESTION: Will Hawaii County Police or Prosecutor now search federal databases for a match to the DNA from ‘Unknown Male #1’? ….
… in comparison with March 2020 (last month prior to pandemic effects), nonfarm jobs were down by 36,200, or -5.5 percent ….
… Today the Navy published its first two weeks of validated groundwater PFAS test results, which show no exceedances of DOH’s EALs for groundwater ….
… a Maui-based ‘nonprofit’ filed a complaint seeking the funds ….
… Latest procurement includes request for firm renewable capacity ….
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