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“Census:  For the first time, majority of native Hawaiians live outside Hawaii.”

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January 22, 2023
… in 2011, there were about 296,400 Native Hawaiians in Hawaii and about 221,600 on the mainland. Just a decade later, those numbers flipped. In 2021, there were about 309,800 Native Hawaiians in Hawaii and about 370,000 in other states ….
… Remember the Clinton Asian Money Scandals? Nickie Lum of the Trans-Generational Lum Crime Family Sentenced for Trump-era corruption ….
… To this day, I still wonder where the $58 million that was earmarked for testing and tracing went or whose pockets it lined ….
… Translation: HGEA is threatening to primary me ….
… a direct correlation between strict zoning requirements and housing affordability ….
… and a 25% TAT on Short Term Rentals ….
… The Ethics Commission is essentially powerless when it comes to union employees ….
… Hawaii is one of the slowest states in the nation when it comes to approving building permits ….
… Sim Nimby is an online game in which winning means giving up any hope of building any sort of structure for any reason ….
… Thousands of absentee voters are disenfranchised every election due to rejection of their ballots by the four county election offices ….
… we tried to make the office of Elections obey the law. So now they want to change it ….
… a multi-year conspiracy to cover-up the abuse ….
… Two states had union membership rates over 20.0 percent in 2022: Hawaii (21.9 percent) and New York (20.7 percent) ….
… Kvam engaged in conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation. Kvam also violated the rules by paying a prohibited referral fee in the nature of a “commission” ….
… Alm: Prosecutors will Stop Asking HPA to Deny Parole to ‘Heinous’ Criminals–Hawaii Paroling Authority Already Releasing Lots of Criminals Early–Especially the Crazy Ones ….
… this is what AG Clare Connors was doing while the Feds busted criminal after criminal ….
… $83,880.59 became $8,388,00.59 ….
… Many of the same lobbyists who donate money at these very fundraisers are — not coincidentally — wanting to influence the outcome of pending legislation ….
… Public perceptions about government corruption became reality — again — when two state politicians got busted for bribery and fraud ….
… Given the nature of the allegations presented by the Office of Disciplinary Counsel based on its staff investigation, it seems odd that no mainstream media have reported on the circumstances of Chapman’s resignation from the practice of law ….
… The only question is whether they have the political will ….
… convince me that tax cuts are not advisable ….
… Residential A properties went up 39.9% ….
… Kouchi emphasized that the Senate will not be a rubber stamp when Green’s Cabinet appointees — including Anderson — come up for Senate confirmation ….
… The prince’s only regret was that the territorial government had managed to retain control over all the islands’ schools ….
… the Caltech Submillimeter Observatory will be transported to Kawaihae Harbor and eventually will be shipped to Chile, where it will be installed at a university ….
… Areas with high living costs, large immigrant populations, and housing shortages are abundant with multigenerational homes ….
… a recent national study of 3,000 counties in America found the Big Island has the third-worst shortage of healthcare providers in primary care, Maui has the fifth-worst shortage of healthcare providers in America, and Kauai has the 13th worst shortage ….
… high gas prices, rush-hour traffic congestion and poor road quality ….
… another driver, who they say was in a big hurry, forced them off the side of the road. One of the tires on their rented convertible was sliced by a rock ….
… we already have 12 Anti-Second Amendment bills ….
… the Average ‘Time-to-Crime’ for Firearms in Hawaii is 3x other states ….
… AGs voice support for New York gun-industry liability law and concealed carry law ….
… one boat seems to be refueling the other ….

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