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The U.S. Air Force “has returned 363 acres it leased on Molokai Island to the Department of Hawaiian Homelands.”

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US military returns land on Molokai to Hawaii

HONOLULU — The U.S. military and Hawaii officials said Friday the Air Force has returned 363 acres it leased on Molokai Island to the Department of Hawaiian Homelands, opening the possibility Native Hawaiians could move onto the land.

US nears new cooperation deals with Pacific Island nations

WASHINGTON — The Biden administration is nearing deals with two Pacific Island nations to extend ties that are considered critical to maintaining balance in the U.S.-China rivalry for influence in a region where the Chinese are rapidly expanding their economic, diplomatic and military clout.

NTSB: Cloud shot up in front of plane before turbulence

HONOLULU — A cloud shot up vertically like a plume of smoke in a matter of seconds before a Hawaiian Airlines flight last month hit severe turbulence and 25 people on board were injured, according to a preliminary report Friday by the National Transportation Safety Board.

Taking over

A new state agency has begun the process of eventually taking over management of Maunakea’s summit area.

Hawaii stops prosecuting elders who protested telescope

HONOLULU — Hawaii’s new attorney general said Tuesday more than two dozen elders won’t be subject to another round of prosecutions for blocking a road three years ago to prevent the construction of a new telescope on a mountain summit many Native Hawaiians consider sacred.

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