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“1959:  Martin Luther King, Jr Salutes Hawaii Statehood.”

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January 15, 2023
“… we look to you for inspiration and as a noble example, where you have already accomplished in the area of racial harmony and racial justice, what we are struggling to accomplish in other sections of the country ….”
…The lie that tourists pay 30% of the GE Tax is front and center as Gov Green and legislators quickly walk back Green’s fake 2022 campaign promise to eliminate the GE Tax from food and medical care….
… City Council Budget Chairman Calvin Say suggests the high assessments were the result of pressure from lawmakers or public worker unions to increase the revenue pool for collective bargaining pay raises ….
… this proposal would allow convicted gamblers to run the parlors – but not tax evaders or Mainlanders ….
… but Otake says that a different matter was disclosed to him by the government just a day before his motion was filed. He declines to provide details in public ….
… the report will not be made public ….
… He is also required to promptly notify all of his clients, and any attorneys for any adverse party in any pending litigation, of his suspension and consequent inability to act as an attorney ….
… the HD37 Democratic Committee picked three nominees: Ron Menor, Charlotte Nekota, Trish LaChica. Gov Green will select one of the three to replace Yamane ….
… two dozen community and media organizations suggest changes that could be implemented by executive order ….
… Speaker Saiki asked the state Attorney General’s Office to look into whether that move was legal ….
… The list is directly from the HGEA’s email to members earlier this week, January 9, 2023 ….
… Hawaii’s population has been declining for six straight years, and if policymakers don’t do something quickly to avert the looming increase in county property taxes, that is likely to continue ….
… The City Council is expected set tax rates in June, followed by tax bills in July ….
… the percentage of income that people spend on rent in Hawaii is 42%. No other state is over 30% ….
… Hawaii residents paid on average $210.26 a month up by $38.08 ….
… We need fixes. Not the temporary kind ….
… HHFDC grants valuable zoning breaks based on the inclusion of units costing upward of $800,000 — for “high-moderate income” households earning upward of $182,000 annually ….
… Insiders running ‘nonprofits’ see an opportunity to cash in on more discount units and make a quick flip profit ….
… languishing on the street with mental illness and addiction, tends to cost the taxpayers about $80,000 per person per year ….
… the 32-year-old suspect in a brutal home invasion this week was sentenced in 2011 to life behind bars for the fatal stabbing of his neighbor, but the Hawaii Supreme Court overturned the conviction .….
… after walking free, ex-con wants prosecutor to be prosecuted ….
… $1,534,259.15 was collected in criminal actions and $554,363.58 was collected in civil actions ….
… this would cost the state $25 million per year ….
… 6th highest in USA ….
… According to recent data, searches for side jobs have seen an increase of 49.89%, with Hawaii ranking sixth among the states ….
… DoE only had 10 years notice of the need to build a grade-separated pedestrian crossing ….
… to fill the unexpired term of William Dean (County of Hawaiʻi) that will expire on June 30, 2024 ….
… HOU is responsible for coordinating and directing the development, preparation, and implementation of plans and programs relating to affordable housing and homelessness ….
… Votes in Congress and Bills Signed into Law ….
  1. HGEA Fraudulently Boosted Oahu property values to fatten contract negotiating position
  2. Saiki, Kouchi Plan to Block GE Tax Exemption for Food, Medical Care
  3. “Deep Moral Crisis” in Hawai‘i Government
  4. Why We Left Hawaii: Police Misconduct Threatens My Wife and Daughter
  5. Say ‘Uncle’ — What Connects Miske to Kealoha?
  6. City Planning to INCREASE Property Tax Rates to Pay for Fattened HGEA, UPW, SHOPO Contracts
  7. Dirty OHA Contract is Model for CNHA Takeover of Tourism Marketing
  8. Oahu homeowners balk after property tax assessments soar 20% to 30%–Demand Tax Rate be Cut
  9. Taxes, housing drive people from Hawaii, policy group says
  10. Chief Logan Signs First Concealed Carry Permit
  11. Will Hawaiian Homelands $600M Be Stolen by Hoopili or Walter Ritte?
  12. Miske Tip of Iceberg: The FBI Is Investigating One Of Its Own
  13. Secret Emails Show HTA Bid Rigging Conspiracy Sidestepped Board
  14. When permission is absent–Misrepresentation of Micronesian navigation must be corrected
  15. 75% of Hawaii Rural Hospitals at Risk of Closing
  16. Two Maui Men Found Guilty of Hate Crimes for Racially Motivated Attack
  17. Convicted Meth Dealer Asks Federal Court Permission to Take Over Laborer’s Union
  18. Judge Allows Legal Trickery–Helps Union Boss Evict Pig Farmer
  19. $600M Gift to Carpenters Union–Ikaika Anderson To Direct Hawaiian Home Lands
  20. Hawaii AG Asks Court to Allow Sex-Change ‘Education’ of 3rd-Graders
  21. Hawaii Gender Gap #2 in USA–Failing Boys Account for All of DoE Shortfall
  22. Nakipi Motorcycle Club Collecting Drug Debts for Miske-Six Deaths?
  23. Hawaii Taxes are 2nd Largest Household Expense
  24. Feds: Jail Guards Smuggling Illegal Fireworks thru OCCC Mailroom
  25. Paranoia Will Destroy Ya: Maui Police CIU ‘Kidnaps’ one of its own officers
  26. Maui County Lawyers Attack Reporter Who Exposed Child Molesting DUI Sextortion Cop
  27. Child Welfare: “an assembly line of injustice, in which everyone pretends to be holding hearings, but they’re just going through the motions.”
  28. He Owned the Land for Just a Day, But Received 212 Credits from County
  29. Fleeing From Feds: Hawaii Jones Act Shipbuilder Arrested at Sea
  30. Former Navatek CEO Indicted Again–Second Jones Act Shipbuilder Arrested This Week
  31. Candidate registration for Neighborhood Board Elections begins Friday
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