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“Convicted meth dealer asks Federal Court permission to take over Laborer’s Union.”

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January 1, 2023
… “If my name sounds familiar it’s because my dad was President of the Hawaii AFL-CIO and the Business Manager/ Financial Secretary for the Hawaii Carpenters Union Local 745 for over 20 years.”….
… Which attorney is not afraid of political retaliation? ….
… ‘Defend Hawaii’ means the police enforce a local gang monopoly by busting outside gangs quickly ….
… The ruling is one of the final steps leading up to the trial — a trial in which some experts say the odds are stacked against the city ….
… a lawsuit filed in 2nd Circuit Court November 4 by former MPD Officer Manuel Sorcy shows CIU investigators intensely focused on Chief Faaumu’s internal rivals both real and imagined ….
… Saiki repeated the debunked claim that tourists pay some 30% of the excise tax. (Reality: 14.1%.) ….
… the Carpenters Union needs to understand that Legislators are owned by HGEA  ….
… Hawaii’s population dropped by almost 7,000 people, or 0.5%, between July 2021 and July 2022 ….
… the important thing isn’t money for the sake of money, but whether it’s being used wisely to make our lives better ….
… bold proposals for legislative reform ….
… CWS on trial for kidnapping a girl on behalf of a Kauai firefighter ….
… Today’s students are doomed. There is no plan to help them recover from COVID-related academic losses. Only when these students graduate out of the system will we be back to ‘normal.’ ….
… spend nearly three times as long on educational requirements and be faced with shelling out twice as much in associated fees ….
… when investigators finally located Robert E. Chapman’s former client living in Taiwan, the scam was exposed ….
… the State Office of Consumer Protection filed a civil lawsuit alleging Kaiama had been part of a foreclosure defense scheme that violated the state’s Mortgage Rescue Fraud Prevention Act ….
… accusing Bishop Museum’s board of directors of breaching their fiduciary duties and squandering the museum’s charitable assets ….
… the first permit issued in modern history for Honolulu ….
… five cameras now active along Vineyard Boulevard and Nuuanu Avenue ….
… fireworks auditing, cigarette tax stamps, ranked choice voting ….
… The rate increase is subject to approval by the PUC and any increase is not expected to impact member bills until the second half of 2023 ….
… Reps. James Tokioka of Kauai and Ryan Yamane of Mililani will resign their seats in the Legislature and start in their new positions next week ….
… more than 20 briefings to be held between Jan. 10 and 24 ….
… TikTok is known to be mining and storing in China the identities and private information of up to 200 million Americans ….
… Inflation is 17% from 2019 to 2022 so a 13.7% ‘nominal’ increase means ‘real dollar’ spending is down, not up ….
… money is green ….
… Case Secures Passage Of Hawai‘i National Forest Study Bill ….
… The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced today it plans to designate more than 275,000 acres as protected critical habitat for the threatened ‘i‘iwi, the best known of Hawai‘i’s imperiled honeycreepers ….
.. Applications are due by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, January 20, 2023 ….
… Inauguration and Council organization meeting set for January 2, 2023 ….
… Applications for consideration should be submitted by February 01, 2023 ….
… 579 grants, totaling $2,684,350, for small-scale agriculture; including home gardening, herding and livestock operations ….
… effective January 3, 2023 ….
… Hawaii-sponsored bills on the move as Congressional session nears end ….

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