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“How Christmas came to Hawaii…As presented by Hoku Paoa Stevenson at the Summer Palace.”

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December 25, 2022
… As presented by Hoku Paoa Stevenson at the Summer Palace….
“…Public corruption is a top priority for the FBI and this office, and we will continue aggressively pursuing these allegations at every level….”
… rumors circulating within HPD that both Kat Kealoha and her husband maintained personal relationships on the side ….
… After breaking through the police line in the Crypt, the mob pursued USCP officers as they retreated ….
… the budget is an increase of $2.04 billion or 13% in the first year and $1.82 billion or 11% in the second fiscal year ….
… the detailed map resembles a sprawling anemone ….
… we’re on vacation and we want two paid days off from our vacation ….
… Hawaii English test scores relative to US average: Female: 0.07 grades above US average — Male: 1.04 grades below US average ….
… “You know, I was mad. I was angry that this is just an arbitrary number” ….
… property tax bill he’d been paying the past 18 years went from the $200 minimum tax to $1,127.61 based on his property assessment being ‘adjusted’ ….
… The extensive use of emergency declarations is a sign, almost an acknowledgement, that the system is broken ….
… Rising seas and increased flooding could eventually release, spread and mix together a host of chemicals contaminating more than 800 sites across Hawaii … Those sites are separate from the thousands of cesspools that pollute Hawaii’s watersheds….
… and you’re gonna pay them to build it ….
… a complaint made in 2007 bumbles through three administrations ….
… Hawaii is the fourth-worst state in the country when it comes to requiring occupational licenses ….
… The emergency rule is effective for 120 days (eff. 12/5/2022 – 4/4/2023) ….
“…You’re going to have to earn something like that….”
… Since the state Land Use Commission was created in 1976, “there’s just been a massive falloff on development,” Akina said. Indeed, only 2% of Hawaii island’s land is committed to urban housing and development. Statewide, that percentage is 4% for Kauai and Maui and 26% for Oahu. …
… assessments of all real property on Oahu went up by 12.4% compared with the previous year. And that’s just the average ….
… According to the Index, Hawaii’s areas for improvement include business environment (ranked 51st), economic quality (ranked 51st), infrastructure (ranked 35th) and education (ranked 28th) ….
… From credit card debt and student loans, to mortgages and medical bills ….
… revenue will continue to fall short of spending absent policy changes ….
… More than a quarter of Hawaii’s urban roads come in at more than 170 inches per mile on the International Roughness Index (IRI), a measure of how much a vehicle vibrates based on the roughness of the road and how the wheel hits it ….
… Department of Navy Delivers Third-Party Analysis of Alternatives for Closure of Red Hill Tanks, Formally Requests Permanent ‘Closure in Place’ ….
… EPA is asking for comments on the proposed order and will host a public meeting the week of January 16, 2023, to go over details of the order and answer questions ….
… Lawmakers Demand Answers On Report That Information On Previous Leak Was Withheld From Regulators; Delegation: Investigation Should Not Delay Defueling ….
… Bill Includes More Than Half A Billion Dollars In New Earmark Funding Secured By Schatz; Also Includes New And Increased Funding To Shut Down Red Hill, Strengthen Housing, Health Care, Education Programs In Hawai‘i ….
… “We had no idea this was in the works,” said Lori Kahikina, HART’s CEO and executive director ….
… Green submits the Executive Budget for Fiscal Biennium to the Legislature and announces the release of nearly $50 million in grants to non-profit communities ….
… if you don’t go where you aren’t invited, it’s fine ….
… Wire Fraud Conspiracy, Identity Theft While on Federal Supervised Release for Sex Trafficking ….
… Jobs increased by 25,800 over-the-year ….
… The attorneys general warned about possible abuse of a proposed rule requiring refunds when there’s a significant change in flight itinerary ….
… Visitor Satisfaction and Activity Survey Includes Data from Six Major Market Areas for the First Time in Two Years ….
… bills introduced and votes cast in Congress ….

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