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“How Christmas came to Hawaii…as presented by Hoku Paoa Stevenson at the Summer Palace.”

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December 18, 2022
… As presented by Hoku Paoa Stevenson at the Summer Palace….
… building contractor Chris Kagawa lived on the Big Island his entire life until he was forced to relocate to the mainland in June, 2022 due to the actions of the Hawaii County PD ….
…If you’re rich, Hawaii is a really lousy place to get sick….
… Al Hee was indicted on 2nd Anniversary of Inouye death and 8 years later the arrests are still ongoing ….
… “It’s not like there’s more corruption. It’s not like more illegal activities being done by elected officials or non-elected officials. It’s just being more broadcast…” Favella said ….
… The report cites 1/4 of missing girls identified as Native Hawaiian–but compares that number to a total population number rather than a youth population number ….
… Miske and others would also make cash payments to contractors and refuse to prepare IRS Form 1099s ….
… Anderson or Danner: there is no third choice ….
… “We’re looking at the possibility of Koa Ridge, we’re looking at the possibility of Hoopili, and even talking to some of these developers” said Ikaika Anderson ….
… The Carpenters Union will have until June 30, 2025, to spoon out $600M ….
… Chang helped the church avoid a more through archaeological review by DLNR’s State Historic Preservation Division ….
… Indicted for campaign fraud and misappropriation of client deposits, former crypto-billionaire Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) is now under arrest in the Bahamas facing extradition to the US ….
… Kaniela Ing: The gift that just keeps giving ….
… interference from HTA staff during the evaluation committee’s decision-making process, and possible leaks before a procurement debriefing ….
… wearing dog masks, leather and chains. Some of the photos depict poses of submission and sexual acts ….
… Gov. Josh Green reiterated his support for a GET exemption for food and medicine during his inaugural ceremony last week, saying it would help make our state more affordable ….
… Lawmakers have not indicated if they back Green’s plan ….
… Who Needs Collective bargaining? Push is on for Another Big Fat Pay Hike for Teachers ….
… IDEA: Let CCA build a prison for free at Halawa and then pay CCA to run it for less than UPW ….
… Moszkowicz Wants to Recruit Officers Away from Honolulu PD ….
… Friday, February 17, 2023, is the Candidate Filing Deadline ….
… City to Send 2023 Real Property Notice of Assessments ….
… Rising interest rates, dwindling pandemic era savings and the coming U.S. downturn will cause a pause in growth next year. But the belated recovery of the Japanese visitor market and surging public sector construction will prevent a recession in the islands ….
… comparing the actual outcomes during the affected period with the pre-pandemic forecast ….
… retirees can expect to burn money fastest in Hawaii ….
… Honolulu showed a Consumer Price Index change of -0.6% over the last two months ….
… Otherwise, the money goes back to the general fund ….
… Is this intentional or incompetence? ….
… three to get top three just in time for Christmas ….
… Has the Jones Act finally run its course? ….
… Governor Josh Green, M.D., First Lady Jaime Green and the Washington Place Foundation will carry on a 164-year tradition by hosting a Christmas Open House at Washington Place ….
… With these selections, Gov. Green has now identified a Director for every state department ….
… Trustee Carmen “Hulu” Lindsey unanimously re-elected board chair of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs — Mililani Trask to be Vice Chair ….
… Kekuhaupio ‘Keku’ Akana as Managing Director ….
… Sumada will be returning to the same position he held at the DPP from 2010 to 2013. He also served briefly as Acting Director. …

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