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Hawaii as viewed from space.

Hawaii as seen from space

“For many Hawaiians, lava flows are a time to honor, reflect.”

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For many Hawaiians, lava flows are a time to honor, reflect
Friday 12/2 at 7:00am
Glowing lava from the world’s largest volcano is a sight to behold, but for many Native Hawaiians, Mauna Loa’s eruption is a time to pray, make offerings and honor both the natural and spiritual worlds. An eruption of a volcano…
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Hawaii eruption brings tourism boon during slow season
Friday 12/2 at 2:00am
The spectacle of incandescent lava spewing from Hawaii’s Mauna Loa has drawn thousands of visitors and is turning into a tourism boon for this Big Island town near the world’s largest volcano.
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Hawaii’s spectacular flow of lava inspires a mix of wonder and worry
Thursday 12/1 at 11:34pm
As the world’s largest active volcano oozes molten rock here on the Big Island, a blend of concern and awe has emerged among visitors.
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Experts predict Mauna Loa’s lava will reach DKI Hwy in a week
Thursday 12/1 at 2:54pm
Mauna Loa’s lava flow significantly slowed and spread out on Thursday. It is now expected it will take at least a week before the lava reaches Daniel K. Inouye Highway, also known as DKI, or by its former name, Saddle…
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Mauna Loa eruption not just a looker, but a learning experience thanks to improved technology
Thursday 12/1 at 2:04pm
Chief among the differences between today’s eruption at Mauna Loa compared to the previous one — technological advances, University of Hawai’i geologist Scott Rowland pointed out.
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Hawaii County opens traffic hazard mitigation route in response to Mauna Loa safety concerns
Thursday 12/1 at 12:55pm
Hawaii County Mayor Mitch Roth is opening a traffic hazard mitigation route to alleviate the traffic concerns related to the eruption at Mauna Loa.
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