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Hawaii as viewed from space.

Hawaii as seen from space

“A flare and a spare:  Hawaii volcano visitors see 2 eruptions.

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A flare and a spare: Hawaii volcano visitors see 2 eruptions
Wednesday 11/30 at 7:32am
The first eruption in 38 years of the world’s largest active volcano is drawing visitors to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Park spokesperson Jessica Ferracane said Tuesday that “the viewing has been spectacular,” especially at night and before sunrise.
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Lava is spilling toward a key Hawaiian highway as 2 volcanoes erupt simultaneously
Wednesday 11/30 at 7:30am
The world’s largest active volcano is shooting fountains of lava more than 100 feet high and sending a river of molten rock down toward the main highway of Hawaii’s Big Island.
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USGS provides new updates on Mauna Loa eruption
Wednesday 11/30 at 5:27am
The Hawaiian Volcano Observatory (HVO) within the United States Geological Survey (USGS) continues to deliver updates on the current status of the Mauna Loa eruption.
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Hawaii volcano eruption has some on alert, draws onlookers
Wednesday 11/30 at 3:50am
Despite assurances that lava from Hawaii’s Mauna Loa isn’t threatening communities, some residents are remaining vigilant. For Nicole Skilling, the first eruption in 38 years of the world’s largest active volcano is bringing back bad memories. She fled from another…
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With two active volcanoes, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park braces for visitors
Tuesday 11/29 at 9:54pm
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Tuesday Evening Weather Forecast: November 29, 2022
Tuesday 11/29 at 8:30pm
Clearing skies with light trades returning Wednesday.Overnight, clouds and isolated rains mainly for the Big Island. Mostly cloudy skies with lows in the lower 70s.
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Former Hawaii County Mayor Harry Kim shares thoughts on current and past Mauna Loa eruptions
Tuesday 11/29 at 7:15pm
Former Hawaii County Mayor Harry Kim appeared for a live interview on KITV4 Island News at 4 on Tuesday afternoon to talk about the Mauna Loa eruption. Kim served as Hawaii County Civil Defense administrator when Mauna Loa erupted in…
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Hawaii County Mayor Mitch Roth gives update on Mauna Loa eruption
Tuesday 11/29 at 6:00pm
Big Island Mayor Mitch Roth appeared for a live interview on KITV4 Island News at 4 on Tuesday afternoon.
Mauna Loa Headlines Have Locals Hoping for Business Boom
Tuesday 11/29 at 2:56pm
With national attention turned toward the Big Island, some local businesses are hoping for a business boom.
Mauna Loa eruption disrupts critical climate tool used to measure carbon emissions in the atmosphere
Tuesday 11/29 at 11:54am
The longest-running climate equipment used to measure carbon dioxide levels in the Earth’s atmosphere lost power Monday evening and is currently not recording data because of Mauna Loa’s volcanic eruption in Hawaii.
Hawaii leaders say it is still safe to travel to the Big Island, even as Mauna Loa erupts
Tuesday 11/29 at 11:30am
Hawaii Island’s two major airports in Hilo and Kona are still open, but the Mauna Loa eruption has led to some flight delays and cancellations on Monday.
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