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The hidden story of the third Thanksgiving in 1623.

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November 27, 2022
…Plymouth Colony Governor William Bradford called this system “communism”, two hundred ninety six years before the Russian revolution….
… 23 felony counts of sexually assaulting two foster girls in the household at center of ‘Bade’ drug ring ….
… Why audit 2012-2016? The federal Statute of Limitations is five years ….
… 40 miles off the coast of Hawaii, FV Rachel attached a large amount of Methamphetamine to a Radio Frequency (RF) buoy and dropped the drugs into the ocean ….
… Gradually the mafia deathgrip on Waikiki beaches is being chipped away ….
… chief of staff, Brooke Wilson, (former political and education director for the Hawaii Regional Council of Carpenters) who had served in the same position when he was Hawaiʻi’s lieutenant governor ….
… Makua Rothman lost his bid for City Council, but he’ll now be working with Sen Brenton Awa in the state Capitol ….
… Cowden responded that she couldn’t attend the National Association of Counties meeting in Washington, D.C. because she was unvaccinated, which led to her experiencing what she described as “two years of very unfair separation.” ….
… Former IBEW Local 1260 boss found guilty of fraud, embezzlement ….
… expressly eliminating the ability for state employees to hire or supervise a spouse or family member ….
… petition urging the state Legislature to exempt medical services from the state’s general excise tax, or GET, has collected more than 1,100 signatures ….
… We could kick every tourist off the island and it would do anything for Upcountry Maui water users. But, as usual, facts don’t get in the way of Kaniela Ing’s grandstanding ….
… “In comparison, the festive season during the same period is up 25% for the Caribbean, 49% for Mexico and 64% for Europe. It’s even up 2% for the mainland.” ….
… the shelter currently has 45 people from the mainland ….
… Mills submitted multiple applications for PPP and EIDL funds on behalf of three businesses under his control, Kanaka Maoli Hookupu Center, New Way Horizon Travel, and Uilani Kawailehua Foundation ….
“…our residents will continue to suffer and flee the state….”
… U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, City and County of Honolulu requests community input on alternative plans developed for Ala Wai Flood Risk Management General Reevaluation Study ….
“… Hawaii is littered with big public-facility development projects that have taken exorbitant stretches of time to produce compared with [their original] plans ….”
… “It’s something that the (Philadelphia Housing) Agency encourages.” … “Hawaii has absorbed the total cost of the rent and utilities, Amen!” ….
“… it is essentially a budgeting gimmick ….”
… Arbitrary Lines: How Zoning Broke the American City and How to Fix It ….
… Hawaii’s zoning laws prevent growth, are socially divisive, contribute to Hawaii’s high home prices ….
… Mainland publications reach out to the Grassroot Institute for background on why housing in Hawaii is so difficult to come by ….
“…this project is no longer financially viable under its current terms in the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) due to changing supply chain/market conditions, regulatory delays and final interconnection costs….”
… wind resources are forecast to be lower than usual and electricity demand has been unusually high since last week due to humid weather ….
… how reform of the Jones Act — rather than all-out repeal or keeping the law the same — might be the way to appease both sides ….
… The commission, which is being established by resolution using the mayorʻs executive reorganization power under Honolulu City Charter Section 4-202, will give effect to Bill 44 (2022), the ordinance passed by the City Council earlier this month ….
… total nonagricultural jobs increased by 4,900 in October over September ….
… Article I, Section 11 of the Constitution of the State of Hawaii establishes that whenever a grand jury is impaneled an independent counsel shall be appointed, as provided by law, to advise the members of the grand jury regarding matters brought before it ….
… The policy will provide funding for rapid coral reef repair and restoration across Hawai‘i immediately following hurricane or tropical storm damage ….
… Hawaii ranks last in nation for early lung cancer diagnosis ….
… Hawaii leveraged $290.0 million in federal highway and bridge formula funds in FY 2022 to help jumpstart 95 new improvement projects ….

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