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Views expressed in this Hawaii State News summary are those of the reporters and correspondents.  Accessed on 07 November 2022, 1222 UTC.

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Weekly News Read
November 6, 2022
… Election Day is Tuesday, November 8 ….
… Green has never been seen as a major political leader in the Legislature ….
… Rep. Matthew LoPresti, who covers Ewa and Ewa Beach, was arrested on suspicion of impaired driving back in June. This would be his 2nd DUI. His first was in 2001….
… more than a dozen properties are in the planning or the construction pipeline with delivery goals between 2023 and 2027 ….
… during that period no politician of either party was convicted of crimes based on corruption charges, whereas today such convictions are commonplace ….
… “What’s going on? It’s in your head. Is it really worth it? … If I was you, throw in the towel.” ….
… multiple charges which include conspiracy, money laundering, wire fraud and embezzlement. Prosecutors say they also rigged a vote with members in Guam to approve a proposal to raise union dues ….
… it happens a lot to people who lose at trial, “After the conviction it’s, let me blame my lawyer. Let me blame the prosecutor. Let me talk about the judge” ….
“…Powerful members of our community engaged in wrongdoing…various official watchdogs engage in willful blindness….”
… the Hawaii Department of Human Services spent seven years litigating against an honest doctor in Hilo. They lost ….
… it still hasn’t been made clear what’s causing those “shear” cracks ….
… “limiting access points to discourage walking on the beach, which the group said pushes sand into the ocean” ….
… Since Oct. 23, the day before enforcement of Ordinance 22-7 took effect, DPP’s Short-Term Rental Enforcement Branch has issued 45 Notices of Violation for illegal short-term rentals ….
… The idea seems to be gaining steam now since our federal court has struck down Honolulu’s recent ordinance clamping down on transient vacation rentals ….
… delays, missing emails and bureaucratic difficulties ….
… Bill 56 Would Eliminate Lengthy Permit Requirements for Home Repairs ….
… Formerly known as Bill 41, the new law was supposed to go into effect this week, but a federal judge temporarily blocked it until its provisions can be hashed out in court ….
… Hawaii County has declared itself a victim of an employee who pleaded guilty to stealing affordable housing credits ….
… In the past five years, rent on Oahu have increased almost 19% and residents say it’s getting harder to live paycheck to paycheck ….
… it will mean higher prices and less selection ….
… Until March 16, 2022, the Judicial Selection Commission Rules had prohibited the Judicial Selection Commission from sharing the names of applicants applying for judicial positions ….
… The Chief Justice has the discretion to assign a district judge/district family judge to either the District Court or Family Court ….
… Hawaii’s unemployment insurance (UI) program is funded exclusively by employers via state and federal payroll taxes on wages ….
… The Navy is looking to potentially reuse the tanks ….
… The Joint Task Force – Red Hill is currently in the third phase of the original defueling plan, which involves contracting out infrastructure repairs ….
… In addition to his sentence, Saffeels must also register as a sex offender ….
… Thaxton pled down 2009 pimping and child rape charges to felony assault then came before Judge Steven Alm on HOPE violations 13 times between 2010 and 2015 ….
… Full Circle: HPD chief considering ‘broken windows policing’ ….
… A proposed certification scheme for community health workers would burden the workers and raise prices for everyone, according to a new report by Hawaii Office of the State Auditor ….
… Hawaii spent $1 million on a sea urchin hatchery and $300,000 for an engineering assessment of the now-condemned Aloha Stadium. …
… more transparency is required to ensure plans account for our local culture, and not simply copying a California plan for Hawaiʻi use ….
“Republican Candidates who do NOT support all of our Family Values”
… These ATM devices will monitor and count the number of pedestrians and bicyclists who pass over the sensors ….
… tourism is environmentalism ….

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