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Honolulu Star-Advertiser endorses Sam King for OHA.

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October 30, 2022
… Sam K. King has drawn much public attention through his support for building the Thirty Meter Telescope on Maunakea ….
… It is not the first time Bryson Mahoe has been accused of filming a female against her will ….
… The worst performing 37% of students are now chronically absentee, so we aren’t testing them. These ‘steady’ test numbers actually show that the top 63% of DoE students have dropped to the pre-COVID level of the average students ….
… Danner’s plan directs DHHL to spend $350 million to buy land including the 55,000-acre Molokai Ranch ….
… “he should be released into the custody of his mother” ….
… the building permits issued for the property valued the job at a fraction of (the) amount, meaning that the permit fee paid was also a fraction of what it might have been ….
… Miske disclosed he had started the company using money made by dealing cocaine ….
… The award could set the tone for state and county workers on other islands, most of whom have yet to receive any COVID hazard pay ….
… Donors led by developers, contractors, lawyers, lobbyists and business execs purchased influence by giving some $20 million to Hawaii political candidates so far this election ….
… Star-Adv editors are telling them to go to rehab, but still endorse Har and Lopresti for House ….
… a warning letter Kugle sent Oct. 21 to Honolulu officials about how they should be cautious that their publicized intent to ‘aggressively’ enforce the law doesn’t violate the judge’s order ….
… Brewbaker said job losses and loss of income for many on Oahu are inevitable, especially when tourism spending adjusted for inflation is still running behind 1989 levels ….
… how much your individual vote counts ….
… General Election ballot should have arrived in your mailbox already ….
… the “dedication” of the funding source is often porous ….
… The Tax Foundation’s State Business Tax Climate Index enables business leaders, government policymakers, and taxpayers to gauge how their states’ tax systems compare ….
“If we exempted medical care from the general excise tax it would save doctors and patients more than $200 million [a year]. And that would help keep doctors in our state, rather than having to flee the state to earn money elsewhere….”
… The result is exactly what we have in Hawaii: a lot of talk about lowering the cost of housing, but very little effective reform ….
… UHERO Executive Director Carl Bonham participated in a panel on supply-side constraints to expanding residential housing at the Hawaii Economic Association’s 2022 Annual Conference ….
… This JSC announcement seeks a replacement for Associate Justice Paula Nakayama who turns 70 next October. It is separate from the October 14, 2022, JSC notice seeking a replacement for Associate Justice Michael Wilson ….
… Draining the pipelines, which have approximately 1.16 million gallons of fuel split between them, is the first step in completely defueling Red Hill ….
… United States District Judge Jill A. Otake today sentenced Victor Aguilar, 66, of Kauai, Hawaii to 168 months of imprisonment ….
… Maui rapist and drug dealer now in a Louisiana jail on $505,000 bail ….
… Doula defendants take the stand against a fellow birth worker they accused of enticing women into creating maternity and breastfeeding porn ….
“…The problem has been implementation….”
… Certification permits have long been required for surf and sailboard instructors, catamaran and canoe captains and second captains, and commercial motorboat operators, operating in Waikiki ….
… accounting for inflation, the actual dollar increase in tourist spending is a paltry $30M ….
… a 2% increase in resident tuition rates at the three UH universities in AY 2025–26 and a 2% increase in AY 2026–27 ….
… if your state is on a navigable river or an external coast you have been missing out on massive amounts of economic activity for decades ….
… a decade-long scheme to defraud investors of millions of dollars in connection with Semisub Inc ….
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