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Legislators show little interest in cleaning up corruption.

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October 23, 2022
… the ePlans system is neither a tool for expediting permits nor a viable way to prevent corruption ….
… R.M. Towill topped the list of donors … The firm specializes in wastewater projects (sound familiar?) ….
… A complete ban on accepting donations during state legislative sessions will be recommended again ….
… Wilson now faces mandatory retirement at the age of 70. Associate Justice Paula A. Naka­yama turns 70 next year and Recktenwald makes 70 in 2025 (sweet opportunity for Carpenters Union)….
… Carpenters Union Plants Article at Civil Beat: Wants ‘Regulatory Sandbox’ for Construction Industry–Next Hawaii Governor May Pick Three Supreme Court Justices ….
… Former city planning official pleads guilty in bribery scheme ….
… The motion to extend, if granted, will allow prosecutors to file an appeal in the case ….
… “The irony is that the month we were there to file in 2018, the state of Hawaii was dedicating a statue to Patsy Mink” ….
“… LGBTQ+ students should have equitable access to confidential healthcare ….”
… Violating the ordinance meant massive daily fines ($10k), plus disgorgement of the rent. Thus, not surprisingly, the ordinance drew a federal court challenge from property owners ….
“The Interior Department is committed to working with the Native Hawaiian Community on a government-to-sovereign basis to address concerns related to self-governance, Native Hawaiian trust resources, and other Native Hawaiian rights,” said Secretary Deb Haaland….
… the Disciplinary Board of the Hawaiʻi Supreme Court imposed a Public Reprimand upon Honolulu attorney Myles S. Breiner for representing clients with concurrent conflicts of interest ….
… the American Samoan Legislature recently passed a unanimous resolution opposing citizenship without their consent ….
… law enforcement officers executed a federal search warrant on Kepa‘a’s Pearl City residence and recovered approximately 61 grams of suspected fentanyl and one kilogram suspected crystal methamphetamine as well as a loaded firearm, semiautomatic rifles, and boxes of ammunition ….
… 500+ crimes reported to HPD in past week ….
… A judge is considering throwing out a case against Razi White who was charged in the May killing of downtown security guard Michael Stubbs. ….
… Voting centers will open on October 25 for all of you who want to vote in person ….
… Unfortunately the incumbents are not showing up, but the other candidates will be there to share their visions for OHA ….
… DHHL spokesperson Cedric Duarte said the agency didn’t share the May letter with commissioners ….
… Randy Perreira warned about pending arbitration that may determine HGEA workers are entitled to hazard pay for their ‘work’ during the pandemic ….
… but, on the bright side, the lack of wind will save bats’ lives ….
… live electrical currents, combined with the large lithium-ion batteries that are proposed for this project, could make gaining control of a fire more difficult and dangerous ….
… ​Yost vs Wakai over Hu Honua ….
… kauhale communities are already thriving in Waianae and Waimanalo, with the ten more intended for Oahu ….
“…I know many parents are concerned that this recommendation can lead to schools mandating it….”
… The result is that a new rule is now in place barring journalists from watching the ballot-counting process at the state Capitol unless other election observers are also present ….
… we gained a few high-income individuals but lost more of those folks scraping to make ends meet ….
… the new ordinance is likely to do more harm than good by discouraging more homebuilding ….
“…First, do no harm….”
… Owners must now hoist up new construction on stilts where the cost of improvements to a structure equals or exceeds 50% of the market value….
… the petition, which can be viewed here, calls on lawmakers to exempt medical services from the state’s general excise tax ….
… In March 2020, a maritime shipping advisory panel offered a simple suggestion to the government: Charge all past and current members of two libertarian think tanks with treason ….
… two illegal large capacity cesspools at the Wailuku Professional Plaza in Hilo and one cesspool at the SKS Management LLC self-storage business in Kailua-Kona ….
… The Navy was supposed to start unpacking fuel from three pipelines Monday, but the Friday water main break affected the systems that would be used for removing the fuel ….

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