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Dirty OHA contract is model for CNHA takeover of tourism modeling.

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October 9, 2022
… Ige’s March 4, 2020, COVID Emergency legalized over half of CNHA’s corruption ….
…When Honolulu County Council member Andy Mirikitani faced trial in 2001 for fraud, theft, extortion, and bribery, key testimony came from Cynthia McMillan, the wife of now-State Senator Karl Rhoads (D-Downtown Honolulu)….
… Between 2012 and 2017, federal prosecutors say Inouye accepted over $100,000 from customers in exchange for expediting permits through the city’s notoriously slow bureaucracy ….
… During test rides in May, DTS personnel encountered “noticeable and at times uncomfortable side-to-side train movement” along the main track ….
… only incumbents get to pass out goodies ….
“…If it would make Ms. Har more at ease, I’m willing to meet her in the tavern, or bar of her choice to conduct the debate….”
… in recent months the commission lost its chair, chief inspector and top administrator…. lack of training, low salaries and union contracts that limit advancement create a revolving door…. 42% of staff positions are vacant despite the issues being apparent for years….
… Rhoads’ bill would block a second try at an indictment even if new evidence is presented ….
… “That case is on their minds, and they probably believed those police officers should not have been charged by a complaint after a grand jury didn’t find probable cause,” said Kau ….
… the story of the drug debt and two attempted robberies that eventually led to Kaae’s death can finally be pieced together from details contained in federal court records ….
… without a permanent address, the homeless can’t receive a mailed ballot ….
… draft legislation would incorporate a “deliberative process privilege” into the state Uniform Information Practices Act ….
… they told me, ‘Send this person to Costco’ ….
… Grassroot Institute of Hawaii has launched a petition urging the Hawaii Legislature to exempt medical services from the state’s general excise tax ….
… SEL is the woke framework to con parents ….
… Bill 52, designed to prevent bullying of youths in City programs on City property, prevent retaliation against those who report bullying ….
…“I am very pleased with the progress that the two organizations have made in coming together so that we can move forward in the best interest of the State,” said DBEDT Director Mike McCartney….
… and carry stones around ….
… Will some visitors decide not to visit after contemplating the issues at stake? Absolutely. ….
… The most recent and visible example is our iconic Aloha Stadium ….
… a public- private partnership would require the state to provide potentially tens of millions of dollars in availability payments or subsidies to the developers for many years ….
… Removing existing fuel from the Red Hill pipelines will allow the Navy to begin critical repairs to facilitate safe defueling ….
… The DoD could begin defueling pipelines as early as this month and remove all the fuel by the end of July 2024, according to the public plan ….
… For 2021, Hawaii had $6.5 billion to pay its bills of $24.5 billion ….
… only Alaska pays more ….
… The cost for a regular unleaded gallon of gas was $5.22 on Wednesday, the same as Tuesday’s price, according to AAA ….
… In a Telegram post Wednesday, Killnet, a notorious “hacktivist” group posted a list of several governmental websites it would be targeting in the coming days ….
… the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) Director Martha Williams said the administration is not considering an expansion to PRIMNM ….
… It’s hard not to look at the delay, political gamesmanship and dueling press statements and wonder how long it will be until Hawaii is in a similar situation ….
… Video of presentation at Hawaii Pacific University ….
… Each finalist was selected by University of Hawaiʻi Vice President for Community Colleges Erika Lacro based on recommendations from the chancellor search advisory committee ….

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