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Hawaii taxpayers could receive up to $300 tax refund from the state.

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Accessed on 18 August 2022, 2037 UTC.

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Today's Hawaii News
Hawai‘i taxpayers could receive up to $300 tax refund from state
Gov. David Ige signed the one-time constitutional refund in June. Residents who file an individual income tax return for the 2021 tax year on or before Dec. 31 qualifies. The Department of Taxation says residents can expect their refunds by September or October. KHON2.

Here are some tips on how to prepare for back-to-school Oʻahu traffic. Prepare yourself
If you are on the road on Oʻahu next week, expect delays as 50,000 more motorists hit the road. The University of Hawaiʻi faculty and students return fully in person for the first time since the start of the pandemic.  Hawaii Public Radio.

Large number of voters leave Office of Hawaiian Affairs races blank
42% of voters in the O‘ahu trustee race and 46% of voters in the at-large race left their ballots blank. This is because they are more interested in bigger races, and aren’t informed about the OHA candidates and issues. There’s also a debate about whether non-Hawaiians should vote in OHA races. KITV4

Department of Education drops quarantine and social distancing recommendations in updated Covid-19 guidance
The DOE is no longer requiring people to quarantine following non-school exposures. But there will be a new form with return to school/work criteria for those who have Covid-19 symptoms or tests positive at school. Big Island Video News.

Changes coming as Covid funding ends
Hawai‘i will alter its approach to testing, treatment and other Covid-19 mitigation strategies, according to Gov. David Ige. He said treatments like monoclonal antibodies could be the first to change with the absence of federal funding – meaning people would have to go through their physician or health insurer if they want one. Tribune-Herald.

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The public may never know who did the bribing in the Honolulu permitting scandal
In a bribery scandal that nabbed government workers, federal prosecutors have obscured the identities of those on the other end of the transaction. Civil Beat.

Airport theft probe exposes possible wider public corruption scheme
A state investigation into alleged thefts at the Daniel K. Inouye International Airport baseyard has lead to suspicions of insider contracting. Last year’s raid at the baseyard by the Attorney General’s office resulted in the arrest of a deputy sheriff and a prison guard at the O‘ahu Community Correctional Center. Five other state employees, all with the Department of Transportation, have been arrested during the past 16 months. Hawaii News Now.

Tripler VA center gets visit from Deputy Secretary of Veterans Affairs Donald Remy
Deputy Secretary of Veterans Affairs Donald Remy visited the Spark M. Matsunaga Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center on Wednesday as part of a tour of VA facilities across the Pacific. Star-Advertiser. Hawaii News Now.

Mixed-use towers proposed for Ke‘eaumoku
A new affordable housing development could be coming to the heart of Honolulu at the old Meadow Gold facility, but questions remain about how long it will stay affordable. The Elm Street Development’s proposed 900 units are scheduled to be mixed-use, at least 450 of those units are to be made affordable, which is 140 percent of the area median income. The rest are market rate. KHON2.

Honolulu Community College’s aviation maintenance program receives a historic boost from Hawaiian Airlines
For the first time in the roughly 80-year history of the Pacific Basin’s only aviation maintenance training program, an airline company is investing in it directly by diverting some of its paid employees to serve as instructors. Star-Advertiser.

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Hawaiʻi Island records more than its usual share of Japanese visitors
Ross Birch, head of the Hawaiʻi Visitors Bureau, says the Big Island is currently receiving about 1,000 Japanese visitors a day. That equates to 20% of Japanese visitors arriving in Hawaiʻi. The island usually sees 10% of total statewide arrivals. Hawaii Public Radio.

County to temporarily pause Emergency Rental Assistance Program
The county’s Emergency Rental Assistance Program will temporarily pause to new applications starting Thursday in an effort to process existing applications. During this time, Hawaiʻi Community Lending  and its partners will connect applicants with available job opportunities and no-cost financial counseling offered through the Financial Empowerment Centers. Big Island Now. KHON2.

New program makes county buses ‘safe places’
Mass Transit Administrator John Andoh announced that Mass Transit is partnering with the National Safe Place Network, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing shelter and resources to children and teens in crisis. Tribune-Herald.

Public can give feedback on Waikōloa Intersection plan
The Hawaiʻi County Department of Public Works Engineering Division says it will be implementing safety improvements on the Waikōloa Intersection, where Waikoloa Road meets Paniolo Avenue. Big Island Video News.

Hilo judge extends TRO against deputy prosecutor
A district court judge in Hilo on Wednesday extended a temporary restraining order against a deputy prosecutor and his wife who are accused of harassing their next-door neighbors. She also ordered mediation. Civil Beat.

Photo: Aaron Yoshino
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Maui Police Commission reviews complaints against chief and executive staff
The Maui Police Commission met on Wednesday to review complaints against Maui Police Chief John Pelletier and several members of his executive staff, alleging violations of policy and procedure. Maui Now.

Despite long lines to vote on Maui, election officials say no major changes planned for November
Officials say primary election day in Hawai‘i had a few hiccups, but otherwise went smoothly and they’re not planning to change too many procedures for the general election in November. Hawaii News Now.

Public invited to comment on Maui Climate Mitigation Action Survey
Mayor Michael Victorino is seeking public input for a Maui County Climate Mitigation Action Survey to help develop a Climate Action and Resiliency Plan. Maui Now.

Kauaʻi residents respond favorably to concept of regenerative travel
A University of Hawaiʻi paper asked more than 460 Kauaʻi residents about their attitudes on regenerative tourism. More than 96% of Kauaʻi residents responded favorably to the concept of regenerative travel. Hawaii Public Radio.

Surveyed Kauaʻi residents continue to feel concerned about Covid-19
A majority of surveyed Kauaʻi residents continue to feel concerned about Covid-19 and the pandemic, according to a new report from the state Department of Health and Kauaʻi District Health Office. 69% of Kauaʻi households said they were still very or somewhat concerned about household members getting sick with Covid-19. More than a third said they experienced emotional distress related to the pandemic. Hawaii Public Radio.

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