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Four charged in Big Island Affordable Housing Corruption Scheme.

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Accessed on 01 August 2022, 0512 UTC.

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July 31, 2022
… the indictment alleges Rudo solicited and accepted multiple bribes and kickbacks from Sulla, Zamber and Budhabhatti ….
… years and years of affordable housing bribery in Hawaii ….
… Luke has long criticized the troubled rail project … ‘Be Change Now’ used to be known as PRP, which is currently backing Ikaika Anderson for LG ….
… HART insiders know of many many more problems to come, but they aren’t telling ….
… “If they can’t enrich themselves beyond their wildest dreams within eight years, then they are too stupid to be there” ….
… Belatti did herself and the public no favors in doggedly pursuing a misguided “investigation” into state auditor Les Kondo. The episode wasted months of legislators’ time and energy that should’ve been devoted to real issues; instead, it came off as a political vendetta ….
… “His drive, emphasis on good government, experience with project management and unshrinking support for TMT are all valuable assets.” ….
… “Sam has the intelligence, integrity, and commitment to serve the Hawaiian people and all people of the state,” Keli’i Akina said ….
… Molokai Ranch encompasses one-third of Molokai ….
… “sovereignty folks” who rely on half-truths, untruths, misrepresentations, the denial of history, suspension of disbelief, or plain old lies, as the basis for their claims ….
… Applicant deadline extended to August 8, 2022 ….
… using a new tactic to attract so-called “dark money” advertising by mainland Political Action Committees ….
… This is not the first time Green has been attacked with anti-Semitic messages ….
… Gabbard said that the U.S. had provoked Putin for many years ….
… prosecutors introduced photos of the two spies wearing KGB uniforms ….
… The University of Hawaii Manoa invited at least two CI staff to remain on campus ….
… This year, several island nations have made a sharp about-face from traditional institutions, jarring actors like the United States and Australia out of complacency ….
… H.R. 8593, the Territories Statistics Collection Equity Act ….
… Where did this money come from? ….
… the 42,000 units Green references is the estimate of all of the housing approved by the LUC that has not yet been built. Some of those projects were approved in the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s ….
… On average, HOA monthly fees in Hawaii are about $762 a month ….
… The report shows 18 projects receiving the credits over the past 20 years, with 1,042 credits still unused ….
… First-of-its kind report quantifies housing shortage by metropolitan and county levels, finds underproduction in state reached more than 7,600 homes in 2019, up from 3,900 in 2012 ….
… how do we work with the state and counties to move in this direction ….
… Hawaii’s zoning, land-use and other homebuilding restrictions have led to Hawaii having “one of the worst housing markets in the country, and even internationally.” ….
… Hawai’i is the ONLY state in the union that taxes Medicare, Medicaid, Champus (all federal programs), by charging GET tax on all private medical practices’ receipts ….
… with the current licensing requirements in place the workers won’t be able to work here until they get through a bunch of bureaucratic red tape. The state of emergency could be used to bypass the licensing requirements ….
… The right way requires the involvement of the Legislature. It might be slower, but it is constitutional, democratic and results in real, lasting change ….
… 842,927 visitors came to the Hawaiian Islands in June, 2022 ….
… 87% of those who are familiar with the Jones Act want reform ….
… In Hawaii, the ATF traced a total of 145 firearms in 2021 – or 10.2 for every 100,000 people, the fewest among states ….
…This determination is consistent with the DOD’s own assessment that “it will not receive DOH approval of this defueling plan until it is able to provide this supplemental information.”….
… need to appoint two members to the Commission — Big Island and Kauai ….
… information about a candidate’s sources of income; business ownership interests; officer or director positions in businesses; debts; real property interests; clients represented before state agencies; and creditor interests in an insolvent business ….
… If possible, we ask park users to please bring in their own toilet paper for use in park bathrooms until DPR can secure a steadier supply of the industrial rolls ….

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