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Hawaii teacher pleads not guilty to distributing child porn.

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Keeping ‘em hydrated:

Keeping cool and hydrated is always important — but more so if you’re a firefighter or rescuer working on the front line to save lives and property.

Honua Ola appeals to state’s high court

Honua Ola Bioenergy, formerly known as Hu Honua Bioenergy, on Thursday filed an appeal with the state Supreme Court seeking to vacate a recent order of the Public Utilities Commission, which denied Honua Ola’s power purchase agreement with Hawaiian Electric.

Navy report: Multiple errors poisoned Pearl Harbor water

PEARL HARBOR — A Navy investigation released Thursday revealed that shoddy management and human error caused fuel to leak into Pearl Harbor’s tap water last year, poisoning thousands of people and forcing military families to evacuate their homes for hotels.

Higher water rates coming down the pipe

Water customers should expect a double whammy on their bills starting Friday, when planned consumption and standby charge increases coincide with an increase in the fluctuating power purchase charge.

Ige unveils veto list

Gov. David Ige on Monday released an intent-to-veto list of 30 bills out of the 343 measures passed by the Hawaii State Legislature in the recently completed 2022 session.

Oregon man accused of sex assault at Airbnb

An Oregon man is charged with two counts of sexual assault after allegedly committing a nonconsensual sex act on a woman who asked him to sleep with her in the nude on her bed, according to court documents filed by police.

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