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Indicted executives investigated by state for 20 year–finally, Feds step in.

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Accessed on 27 June 2022, 1930 UTC.

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Weekly News Read
June 26, 2022
… Dennis Mitsunaga had been accused by county prosecutors and the state Campaign Spending Commission of “pay-to-play” schemes dating back to his firm’s work on state contracts during former Gov. Ben Cayetano’s administration. The June 2 federal indictment is the first time he has been charged with a crime ….
… ‘green energy’ means shutting down the cheapest and largest energy source on the island September 1 ….
… what could go wrong? ….
… HVCB supporters are asking how Ka‘ana‘ana, Paishon-Duarte and Kuali‘i-Kaho‘ohanohano could have given CNHA perfect scores in the category for overall qualifications of its firm and personnel, when the organization’s contract proposal left key jobs vacant and listed some transition team members, who later said CNHA misrepresented their involvement, most notably Hawaii Hotel Alliance President Jerry Gibson ….
… a criminal investigation into SHOPO’s highest- ranking officers ….
… grandmother nominated for ‘Businesswoman of the Year’ not good enough for DHS ….
… The fate of America’s five populated colonies — Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, Guam, American Samoa, and the Northern Mariana Islands — may hang in the balance ….
… Waihee operative Norma Wong — kitted out with a spanking new Hawaiian name ‘Kawelokū’ — was sent, June 22, 2022, to denounce Kamehameha Schools and Lahainaluna School before the Sen Brian Schatz’ Indian Affairs Committee ‘Oversight Hearing on Indian Boarding Schools’ ….
… the first major Second Amendment decision from the court in more than a decade ….
… Unfortunately, in Hawaii, abortion will still be allowed in most circumstances ….
… The majority of abortions in Hawaii are performed by a small cohort of doctors at a few clinics ….
…HART’s new plan appears to contain “overly optimistic assumptions about revenues, ridership and costs, and this could saddle local taxpayers with unstated liabilities in the future.”….
… no-holds-barred ….
… get a copy of a sample ballot specific to your district ….
… Sam King explains his priorities for ensuring OHA services and remedies critical needs of the Hawaiian community like affordable housing, homelessness, education and much more ….
… socialist gay activist teacher busted bragging about successful grooming effort of 13 year old boy ….
… how many more boys did this gay socialist HSTA member groom? ….
… hormone treatments, puberty blockers, and genital mutilation surgery actually spike the already high likelihood of transgender youth suicide ….
“…we must still elect over 35,000 out LGBTQ people to office….”
“…They’re saying that there is no such thing as a woman….”
… meanwhile … 9th Circuit Allows Class Action Suit over Lack of Female Locker Rooms in Hawaii DoE Schools ….
… Maui County proposes to spend more than One Billion Dollars in this fiscal year, a 26% increase over last fiscal year ….
… The former chairman of the University of Hawaii’s civil engineering department says aloha ….
… total outstanding credit card debt stood at $222.6 million in the first quarter of 2022, or an average of $15,709 per household ….
… The typical Hawaii household spends an average of $2,911 per month–42% of income–on bills ….
… In May, there were notable gains in sectors including leisure and hospitality but Hawaii still lags ….
… Hawaii lost 1,600 construction jobs, -4.3 percent, the largest percentage loss in USA ….
… Act 114 increases the minimum wage to $12.00 per hour starting Oct. 1, 2022 ….
… almost 1 in 3 adults in Hawai‘i infected with COVID-19 experience Long-COVID ….
… The US$119 million contract is an extension of existing construction and engineering services Stantec is providing to HART and will run through the end of 2026, with the possibility of a 5-year extension to expected project completion in 2031 ….
… HDOT announces a new pilot with i-Probe Inc to test connected automobile hardware and software technologies ….
… Hawaii State Teachers Association recommendations for Hawaii State House and Senate candidates in the upcoming 2022 primary election ….
… it has become increasingly common for deminers to use robots in the field to increase their productivity and mitigate the risk of blowing themselves up ….
… The Administration is scheduled to meet with oil company executives on Tuesday, June 21, 2022, to discuss ways to increase domestic production and lower costs, and one of the issues likely to be addressed is the Jones Act ….

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