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Weekly News Read
April 24, 2022
… Due in large part to his influence, Einhorn escaped punishment for his crime for a quarter of a century ….
… she was in “fear of her safety” due to his “volatile nature and temper” ….
… “After I take there (sic) heads I will be king,” Kinney wrote ….
… Two plainclothes HPD officers were then added to the reception area of the mayor’s office at Honolulu Hale from April 4 through April 11 ….
… Contrades and others launched bogus investigations meant to intimidate and harass Begley and even detailed some of their plans in email communications ….
… OHA LLCs make hundreds of payments to Amazon, Best Buy, Home Depot and other retail outlets and hundreds of payments directly to named individuals ….
… When a couple of penny-stock touts, one of whom is listed in the Panama Papers, team up to sell timber futures and carbon credits what does the Legislature do? ….
… Lawmakers can be very crafty and propose things that don’t look like taxes ….
… What one hand might be giving, the other might be taking away by spending money on things that could come back to haunt us ….
… “I did not have a sense that she was impaired. She seemed fairly lucid,” said state Rep. Mark Nakashima ….
… Federal Jury Convicts Big Island Pain Doctor Rudolph B. Puana of Conspiracy and Distribution of Oxycodone and Fentanyl ….
… Dunphy also threatened Trevor Fitzpatrick, a staff planner with DLNR’s Office of Conservation and Coastal Lands … ‘You are not welcome down here on the beach,’” said Dunphy. “‘Don’t come down here unless you have a police escort.’”….
… The Federal Transit Administration has said, unless it gets the new plan by the summer deadline, it will not release any more of the $744 million left in federal funding ….
… A majority of the requests will increase the number of paid ‘professional development days’ for staff, where those pesky annoying students are not present on campus ….
… Percentages of students receiving a failing grade in English or math worsened in four out of six data categories ….
… The department has never explained to the public or the Legislature what went wrong in the Kalua case ….
… Travelers pause for a photo at an inspection point, then the system compares that picture to a gallery of images travelers already provided to the government to confirm their identity and information ….
… The Hawaii Campaign Spending Commission voted unanimously to forward an investigation into donations made by JL Capital CEO Timothy Lee to the state Attorney General’s Office ….
… Craig Hirai, director of the state Department of Budget and Finance said the department “strongly recommends” establishing a Public Land Trust Revenues Negotiating Committee ….
… No salary increase this year for Council members, mayor and department heads because BU13 hasn’t got theirs yet ….
… Nomination papers for all offices now available–last day to file, June 7, 2022 ….
… a Kahele campaign for governor seems dead on arrival. If he runs for reelection, he could face prominent Democrats who have pulled papers to run ….
… Kai Kahele: The gift that just keeps giving ….
… Kahele is cosponsoring legislation and taking action as a committee member that directly affects his outside employer, which is further evidenced by Hawaiian Airlines lobbying on the bills Kahele cosponsored ….
… Bills Move to Conference Committees ….
… a statutory exemption to Hawaii’s open records law ….
… Two Leaders Of ‘We Build The Wall’ Online Fundraising Campaign Plead Guilty To Defrauding Hundreds Of Thousands Of Donors ….
… commemorating National Crime Victims’ Rights Week ….
… A newly released report examines the tax burden and economic climate of all 50 states ….
… over 83,000 people have moved away from Hawaii between 2011 and 2020 ….
… inflation has not been over 7.5% since 1991 ….
… On Maui, it’s 90% ….
… FDIC-supervised institutions’ prices equal or surpass payday lenders’ in Hawaii ….
… six Hawaii towns compared ….
… In Hawaii, a family of four can expect to spend an average of $14,042 on food in 2022, the highest amount among states ….

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