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Unions support Josh Green for Governor and Sylvia Luke for Lt. Governor in upcoming election.

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Accessed on 04 April 2022, 0517 UTC.

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Weekly News Read
April 3, 2022
… HGEA, HSTA, University of Hawaii Professional Assembly, Masons Local 630 and Plumbers & Fitters UA Local 675 ….
… HSTA priority bills clear House Finance Committee to full House, Senate votes ….
… in Council District Two, Makua Rothman pulled papers on March 4, 2022 ….
… bye-bye to little Miss Impeachment? ….
… The purpose of the Commission is to dissipate reform energy in order to preserve the status quo. …
… Vote harvesting, exploited by Democrats, is encouraged, but in-person voting, favored by Republicans, is obstructed ….
… Nomination papers for all offices now available–last day to file, June 7, 2022 ….
… Vitaly Tretyakov, quipped amid the crosstalk “Is she some sort of Russian agent?” prompting Solovyov to joke “yes.” ….
… $744M hangs in the balance after years of HART ‘recovery plan’ failures ….
… When holidays and leave days are factored in, Hawaii public employees already have a 4-day week. So this proposal would actually create a three day week ….
… we need to drill a new well, but that’s not what BWS is talking about ….
… instead of drilling a new well, all that BWS plans is how to make the public suffer ….
“… Red Hill is not going to be shut down anytime soon or in the foreseeable future ….”
… Case’s Appropriations Committee will review the request as part of the President’s Fiscal Year 2023 budget request ….
… the fort is being renamed to advance Hawaiian identity politics ….
… it is not possible to turn an economy on and off like a light switch ….
… SB3089 SD2 HD1 would amend the state’s emergency-management statute …
… The council Finance Committee is scheduled Tuesday to take up Resolution 363, lopping 10 cents per gallon off the current 23 cents per gallon county tax. ….
… The state of Hawaii is currently enjoying a nearly $4 billion budget windfall ….
… some legislation that has the potential to change our tax system in very bold ways ….
… Assisted Suicide Expansion Makes it through Final Hearing ….
… Harleman faces up to 20 years imprisonment on each of the wire fraud counts and up to 10 years imprisonment on each of the money laundering counts, as well as a fine of up to $250,000 on each count, plus a term of supervised release up to three years ….
… Los Angeles Paralegal Admits Role in Scheme to Fraudulently Obtain Legal U.S. Residency for Members of Philippines-Based Church ….
… Hawaii County Council member Matt Kanealii-Kleinfelder said today he also is planning to introduce a resolution soon seeking a Hawaii waiver from the Jones Act ….
… the International Longshore and Warehouse Union’s contract with the Pacific Maritime Association, a maritime employer representative, ends in July 2022 ….
… evidence on the effect of minimum wages on employment, skills, wage and income distributions, and longer-term labor market outcomes ….
… three tax types of state tax burdens — property taxes, individual income taxes and sales and excise taxes — as a share of total personal income in the state ….
… Including the federal tax, taxes account for 13.8% of the average price of a gallon of gas in the state ….
… Senator Kim pushed the elimination of a tenured faculty member’s position and introduced SB 3269 SD1, a bill that attempted to alter tenure and transfer managerial authority over the university from the Board of Regents to the legislature ….
… public universities were hit the hardest with a 13.2 drop in new freshmen enrollment over the two-year pandemic period ….
… The lawsuit is needed to force the County of Maui to start issuing electric gun dealers licenses ….
… the Senate Committee on Judiciary heard House Bill 2075HD1, to make changes to Hawaii’s pistol permitting and registration system in an effort to comply with the recent Yukutake v. Connors court case decision ….
… Honolulu rents since 2018 have continued to increase, despite a downturn in short-term rental stays during that time frame ….
… an empty homes tax would have the effect of penalizing homeowners, driving up already sky-high taxes, implementing privacy-invasive and severe enforcement measures and providing little to benefit to residents in need of affordable housing ….
… when it comes to vacant homes, Hawaii is just average. This demonstrates that home vacancy rates do not correspond with housing costs ….
… in Hawaii 9.6% of mortgage holders are behind on their payments

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