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According to “Hawai’i Free Press”, two Amemiyas under investigation.

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Accessed on 28 March 2022, 0508 UTC.

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Weekly News Read
March 27, 2022
… Keith Amemiya is now a candidate in this year’s race for lieutenant governor ….
… “The commission is troubled by the fact that … Keohokalole’s mishandling of legislative allowance funds occurred not once, but on three separate occasions,” the report said. “The commission views these actions as an egregious violation of trust.” ….
… 15 years is not enough for Councilman that teamed up with USO prison gang ….
… still not ready to rat out Caldwell ….
… Timothy Lee and JL Capital employees and their relatives contributed more than $66,000 to nearly a dozen candidates ….
… they’re experiencing 40% increases in rent prices ….
… number of residents moving to or from the mainland showed a net loss of 14,338 ….
… Developers have started receiving letters from the BWS stating that the water utility can’t promise water will be available for new buildings. BWS may also implement mandatory water limits for residential and commercial users as well as major rate hikes for customers ….
… offenders figure there is nothing happening. … They are not in the (criminal justice) system right away, and they end up getting into more trouble ….
“…This Bill DOES NOT provide for any benefits, or any procedure for such benefits to transfer to the beneficiaries….” — Anti-Telescope Protest Leaders
… Under the University, the mountain generated enriched education for future botanists and its fieldwork; exploration of our solar system to predict catastrophic events that could impact Earth. And most of all the accessibility to all Hawaiians, neighbors, and kindred ….
… Neither of these cases is a result of CWS not having enough money or enough personnel. Rather, they demonstrate how children are harmed when an agency that operates in near-absolute secrecy is given near-absolute power ….
… Senator Kidani Education Committee Chair, announced bill 2125 will be deferred, sighting a “fracturing of relationships between DOE and our special education families and community” ….
… HB1697 Becomes Resolution: Let the Keiki do the Dirty Work ….
… a deliberative process exemption to the UIPA would be little more than a loophole by which state agencies could evade records requests ….
…”We submitted a Recovery Plan to the FTA, proposing to amend the Full Funding Grant Agreement” (not quite) ….
… resulting in misstatements in eight different ADC accounts and a three-year delay in financial reporting ….
… people on the lower end of the income spectrum spend comparatively more of their hard-earned dollars on general excise tax ….
… The additional COVID challenges have widened the gap between students who excel at learning and those who struggle ….
… Only Hawaii, North Dakota and Louisiana have not reached at least a 70 percent recovery of jobs lost as of the peak of the coronavirus pandemic. ….
… high taxes for poor quality services ….
… Low taxes, school choice help inform ALEC’s ranking of best, worst governors ….
… None of these insiders know anything about electricity so Schatz makes federal taxpayers to pay for experts who can do the actual work for them ….
… King v McKelvey for State Senate? ….
… Nomination papers for all offices now available ….
… Hawaii doesn’t have a presidential primary law — Democrats there used a party-run event in 2020 ….
… Maui council member plans to offer JA waiver resolution ….
… the dust hasn’t settled yet ….
… Top 5: Hawaii, Mississippi, Kentucky, Maine, Kansas.  High income Hawaii is more costly–as a proportion of income–than the other four which are low income states ….
… In terms of dollar figures, Hawaii spent the last two years in a class by itself. The state tallied the steepest increases in the country across every category and every time period throughout the entirety of the pandemic. ….
… Hawaii is home to some 70,410 renters who owe their landlords rent, and an estimated 19.1% of them reported being either somewhat likely or very likely to face eviction in the coming months – the fourth smallest share among states ….
… 2022’s Best & Worst States for Doctors ….
… knowledge and technology outputs are America’s particular strengths–but not Hawaii’s ….
… BWS has requested all Oʻahu water users to voluntarily decrease water usage by 10% ….
… Esther Bodyu-Ogawa said word of his kidnapping took days to become public because the city was captured by Russia and the troops confiscated the family’s cellphones and other devices ….

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