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DUI Arrests

Hawaii Island police arrested 14 drivers for suspected drunken driving between 14 March and Sunday.

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Accessed on 22 March 2022, 1402 UTC.

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14 nabbed for suspected drunken driving

Big Island police arrested 14 motorists for suspected drunken driving between March 14 and Sunday. Three of the drivers were involved in a traffic crash; one was younger than age 21.

Maunakea bill gets a reprieve

A controversial bill that would restructure the management of land on Maunakea will be the subject of a state Senate committee hearing today.

North Kohala food truck lot plan postponed

A small parcel at the northeast corner of the Hoea Road/Akoni Pule Highway intersection is raising big concerns from those worried about a rezoning request for a food truck lot that some fear will cause increased traffic at the gateway to the historic North Kohala village of Ka‘auhuhu.

‘He was still a good person’

Less than a month after Albert Aukai Manners was reported missing on Dec. 1, 2020, his family suspected he had been murdered.

Minis on the move

A fun time was had by all Wednesday as Therapeutic Horsemanship of Hawaii-Kona’s two miniature horses, Calypso and Peaches, visited with Full Life Hawaii participants and Life Care Center of Kona residents.

State says water in Pearl Harbor homes is safe to drink

HONOLULU — The state Department of Health said Friday that the tap water in all residential areas served by the Navy’s Pearl Harbor water system is safe to drink, more than three months after a petroleum leak from a military fuel tank facility sickened thousands.

Japanese are eager to visit

With Japan dropping its emergency COVID-19 restrictions next week, visitors from the country could start to return to Hawaii en masse as soon as next month.

Kona restaurant issued yellow placard

No Big Island food establishments received a red placard from the Department of health since the beginning of the year, but one Kona restaurant was issued a yellow placard Wednesday.

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