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Prince Kuhio’s fight to Americanize Hawaii in the 20th century.

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Accessed on 21 March 2022, 1954 UTC.

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March 20, 2022
…the homestead associations he championed in his first decade of service were multi-ethnic groups seeking the fee-simple ownership of land promised in the Hawaii Organic Act….
… Lets erase all our history and just put a smiley face on each page. It will be easier to pass the tests ….
… “That is really key to what caused the initial hiring practices audit. A body was put into place and that body (headed by Malu Motta’s best friend, Billy Kenoi) was able to exert influence in and throughout the process,” Benner said. “This became an open secret, in 2014, 15 and 16 and it really festered by 2017 when we finally conducted this audit.” ….
… drug linked to 2 deaths, 14 overdoses at Halawa prison since July ….
… Michael Buntenbah, known to many by his “Defend Hawaii” line of clothing and accessories, appeared in Honolulu’s federal district court on Thursday morning and admitted he had participated in several violent assaults ….
… the strategy was to place all the blame on Nelson Koyanagi, who is dying of cancer. (But, by the end of the week, federal prosecutors had outmaneuvered Leong’s lawyer) ….
… These new charges prevent Leong from escaping justice by placing all the blame on Nelson Koyanagi, who is dying of cancer ….
… In 2018 Tulsi Gabbard hired a Russian agent to silence critics in Hawai’i media ….
“…Gabbard’s Hare Krishna cult leader Chris Butler wants recognition from the real Hindus in India. To that end, he has directed his loyal servant Tulsi Gabbard to kiss up to the Hindu nationalist government of India. India’s foreign policy is aligned with Russia and is anti-Islamist which then leads Gabbard to align with Putin….”
“…We submitted a Recovery Plan to the FTA, proposing to amend the Full Funding Grant Agreement to the following scope: 18.75 miles/19 stations through Downtown, to the Civic Center Station, which is 1.25 miles and 2 stations short of Ala Moana Center….”
… If the plan now is for 18.75 miles and perhaps 19 stations, there may be a few federal questions about the competence or truthfulness of the folks running things in Honolulu ….
… the only declared Hawaii Republican gubernatorial candidate to previously hold elected office has divorced her cocaine-dealer husband ….
… If it’s an open seat, multiple Democrats are likely to jump at the opportunity ….
… Nomination papers for all offices now available ….
… DoTax hides the EITC application form so you can’t apply for the credit ….
… a proposal that would significantly reduce costs of necessities for Hawaii households ….
… Senate Ways and Means voted on March 3 to amend a different bill having to do with vacant state land assessments as a vehicle to provide $300 million ….
… “Without fixes, the push for housing and a post-COVID economic recovery will fail” ….
… That doesn’t count departments outside DHRD’s purview ….
… The reimbursement payments went into Keohokalole’s personal bank account ….
… In the House, Speaker Saiki gave SB2422 SD2 a triple referral to kill it off ….
… The Hawaii State Teachers Association Human and Civil Rights (HCR) Committee is proud to present its 2022 Social Justice Summit on Sunday, April 3, on Zoom. This event is free and open to the public ….
… Creates the offense of harassment of an educational worker for disrupting or interfering with the administration or functions of any school, school administration office, or school board ….
… in direct violation of Hawai‘i State Constitution Article III – Section 12 ….
… Kanuha Awarded Meritorious Torch of Light Award; San Buenaventura and Others Earn Lava Tube Dishonor ….
… OHA has implemented 11 and partially implemented 13 of the 39 recommendations made in our report. An additional nine recommendations were not implemented and we determined six to be not applicable ….
… The Employees asked whether a private business they co-own may procure the services of an Agency research facility ….
… increasing the state’s legal minimum wage can result in unemployment ….
… the ALOHA homes program as currently envisioned in this bill would result in an expensive, non-sustainable government project that would fail to effectively assist those it is intended to help ….
… Ranking Individual Income Taxes on the 2022 State Business Tax Climate Index ….
… The Honolulu Star-Advertiser adds its voice to those urging special consideration for Hawaii during the current fuel crisis ….
… Biden’s ban on Russian oil imports and why Hawaii needs a Jones Act waiver to ensure its energy security ….
… The health advisory for all 19 zones and Manana Housing has been amended and water in these zones is safe to drink ….
… Austin was forced to give Schatz something and Schatz secured a vague promise out into the future that is non-binding with no funds for closure. Conversely, the Omnibus spending Bill is quite detailed in what it funds, and funds for Decommissioning are missing ….

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