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Tropical Edibles Nursery

Revisiting Tropical Edibles Nursery in South Kona, “keeping the community supplied with edible plants.”

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Accessed on 20 March 2022, 1235 UTC.

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Still going strong: Tropical Edibles Nursery keeping the community supplied with edible plants
Still going strong: Tropical Edibles Nursery keeping the community supplied with edible plants

Revisiting Tropical Edibles Nursery in South Kona, I found the same two-plant-knowledgeable women keeping local gardeners and farmers supplied with edible plants. Maggie and Momi continue to supply local growers with fruit trees, vegetable starts, herbs and flowering plants all that produce food.


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Samoa goes on lockdown: Two years into pandemic, nation faces its first COVID outbreak

UN: 6.5 million people displaced inside Ukraine due to war

Denied easy victory, Russia presses reduced goals in Ukraine

Don’t help Russia’s invasion, Biden tells China’s Xi

American gunmakers help Ukrainians fight back against Putin

Tribute to a king: Events celebrate Kamehameha III’s birthday, legacy

Spring rains mean it is time to fertilize

This weekend marks the last two days of winter and Monday is officially the first day of spring. It has been a dry winter for many parts of the island, but now some areas are beginning to get a bit of spring rain. This makes it difficult to make general recommendations that apply to all. Parts of the windward side received enough precipitation to remove nutrients like nitrogen and actual topsoil as well. West Hawaii received much less, but with our excessively porous rocky areas, even an inch of rain can leach important elements essential to plant growth.


Updated 11:32 pm

Bill to support public high school surf teams advances

Police: Bicyclist killed in Bayfront crash

Simeon a finalist for a James Beard Award

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Ka‘u woman sought on outstanding warrant

22 nabbed for suspected DUI

Maunakea bill still alive in Senate

Police: Neighbor dispute led to attempted murder charge

Waimea trail volunteers recognized for hard work

County offers home repair loans



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