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Hint to Caldwell:  Cornered, Roy Amemiya brought Jeremy Harris down.

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Accessed on 07 March 2022, 0512 UTC.

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March 6, 2022
… Years before Roy Amemiya was Honolulu’s managing director and before he was accused of a federal crime, he was one of three city officials who helped expose a serious case of corruption ….
… Prior to joining the city Planning Commission, Chang was acquitted of federal charges that he illegally imported some of the seized fireworks that exploded and killed five men in a Waikele storage bunker in 2011 ….
… If the boys think I may become Governor, they won’t rat me out ….
… Sitting in jail at the moment, or awaiting sentencing, we have ….
… Knowing the indictment was coming, English blamed his sudden and surprising exit from public service on the symptoms of long-haul Covid-19 ….
… one month after the arrest of English and Cullen, all state facilities managed by DAGS will reopen to the general public ….
… Governors have another incentive to extend states of emergency: The Family First Coronavirus Act, enacted in March 2020, increased food-stamp benefits subject to states of emergency at the state and federal levels ….
… Par Hawaii’s suspension of oil imports from Russia underscores the need for Hawaii to achieve greater oil-purchasing flexibility ….
… we are turning to other grades of crude, principally from North and South America, to meet fuel production requirements ….
… with the outbreak of war between Russia and Ukraine, the 101-year-old federal maritime law is even being recognized as a danger to Hawaii’s energy security ….
… Nomination papers for U.S. Representative, State Senator, State Representative will not be available until further notice ….
… If the new management structure envisioned in HB2024 is put in place, it would cede control of the mountain to the minority that is opposed to astronomy ….
“…Art’s management background at Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation (SMART) Workers Local Union 293 and his experience on the Planning Commission make him the perfect candidate….”
“…An interim security contract at the property lapsed at the end of December 2021. DLNR continues to explore cost-effective options for further securing the property….” — DLNR
… Tony Armstrong said his 35-year-old son, Michael, has been committed at the State Hospital at least eight times ….
… One was a sexual assault, one was abuse of a family or household member. We have an assault case coming up ….
… HB2510 HD1 proposes increasing Hawaii’s mandatory minimum wage to $18 an hour by 2030, followed by a variable annual increase in the minimum wage thereafter ….
… Changing economic conditions are making it more difficult for people to afford household expenses ….
… tourist headcount down 29.8% ….
… Optimistic UHERO forecast with Omicron end, expected return of international visitors ….
… Incoming passengers will no longer be required to create a Safe Travels account or provide travelers information and trip details ….
… House Minority Whip Val Okimoto is asking Hawaii Gov. David Ige to rescind the state’s mask mandate in light of new guidelines released by the US CDC ….
… The decision not to extend the emergency order means the Safe Access O‘ahu program, which required businesses such as restaurants, fitness centers, and events that served food, to verify employees and customers were fully vaccinated or had a negative COVID-19 test, will no longer be a government mandate ….
… The in-person services are available Monday through Friday (except holidays), 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. ….
… “wealth tax” in Senate Bill 3182 ….
… The practice of gut-and-replace allowed state lawmakers to pass laws without a full set of public hearings ….
… Bill 9 would impose a 3% property tax surcharge ….
… HB2464 – Removes the duty to retreat when using deadly force to protect yourself from death or serious bodily injury ….
… Total COVID-19 deaths in Hawaii: 91 per 100,000 people ….
… Rapid Rehousing provides short-term rental assistance and supportive services to assist people in obtaining housing quickly ….
… Visitor arrivals are projected to increase to 9.7 million in 2023, 10.0 million in 2024, and 10.4 million in 2025 ….
… As of January 31, 2022, a statewide total of 33,951 in-state patients and 2,748 caregivers were registered statewide. The primary reported condition for registered adult patients is ‘severe pain’. The primary reported conditions for children under 18 years of age are ‘seizures’ and ‘severe pain’ ….
… The Court held that, per state statute and BLNR’s trust duties, the BLNR should have determined—but did not—that the leases were “in the best interests of the State” before continuing them in 2014 ….
… Navy water system users in other areas remain under the health advisory and should not consume tap water ….
… The Emergency Order issued by DOH on December 6, 2021 specifies that the Navy must hire a qualified independent contractor, to be approved by DOH ….

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