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Cyber Hawaii Warning

Hawaii Congressman Ed Case is urging Hawaii State and County governments to prepare for possible Russian cyber attacks.

These attacks could come at any time as the Russian invasion of Ukraine continues and the U.S./EU nations impose economic sanctions against the Russian Federation.

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CyberHawaii was mentioned in a Honolulu-Star Advertiser article today regarding U.S. Officials warning of potential Russian-instigated cyber attacks. Congressman Ed Case urged Hawaii state and county governments, businesses and residents to look out for any suspicious activities on all their internet-connected devices. To read the full article, click here.
The article also mentions programs available to learn and improve your cyber security, including CyberHawaii’s Cyber Ready Hawaii program. CyberHawaii is actively recruiting small to medium-sized businesses to participate in its free program, to prepare and train organizations and its employees in cyber readiness. Businesses currently or interested in pursuing federal contracts will also have assessed the requirements to meet the basic cybersecurity safeguarding (FAR 52.204-21). To learn more, see the flyer below or visit
For additional resources, visit CISA’s Shields Up webpage ( for guidance, recommendations and more.
In addition, CyberHawaii member Mike Krupka and the OccamSec team, shared their concern of the potential increase in cyber attacks given the troubling events in Ukraine and the lessons of recent history. While no specific threat is identified, a reminder from 2017 resonated from the National Cyber Security Centre (
It’s timely to share good guidance encouraging organizations to follow actionable steps that reduce the risk of falling victim to an attack, including:
  • Patching systems;
  • Improving access controls and enabling multi-factor authentication;
  • Implementing an effective incident response plan;
  • Addressing the Phishing threat;
  • Ensuring that online refences are working as expected
  • Keeping up to date with the latest threat and mitigation information.
For many organizations, a ‘simulated phishing attack’ can be a valuable exercise to initiate or revisit in such times to tests employee security awareness and identifies gaps in controls. External penetration testing/security assessments and Incident Response support are also areas where organization may find beneficial. For more information visit or email
Cyber Ready Hawaii
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