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Government Corruption Cases

State Attorney General refusing to indict Government Corruption Cases.

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Accessed on 21 February 2022, 0443 UTC.

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February 20, 2022
…”…completed cases that were sent to the unit have not been forwarded for indictments and are held in abeyance for no reason.” — Chief Investigator Daniel Hanagami
… Deputy sheriff who was fired after nearly 40 years of service files wrongful termination suit ….
… 1) Ban the soliciting and accepting of campaign contributions during the legislative session; 2) End the unilateral power of a committee chair; 3) Require public votes to defer bills indefinitely, or to otherwise kill a bill.…
… The committee on JDC has scheduled a public hearing on 02-22-22 at 9:30 am. …
… Each defendant faces maximum penalties of 20 years imprisonment and a fine of $250,000 at their sentencings, which are set before Judge Mollway on July 5, 2022 ….
… Milton J. Choy, owner of H20 Process Systems and Fluid Technologies, began cooperating with the U.S. Department of Justice after he got caught in a separate investigation. Acting on tips, federal investigators found evidence of financial transactions from Choy’s businesses that allegedly implicate him in a pay-to-play scheme ….
… Choy the Small-Timer when he bribed, Choy the Big-Timer when he donated. Max Sword of Honolulu Police Commission fame is an example of a Big-Timer. ….
… the casual way in which the two former lawmakers accepted the bribes suggests that political corruption in Hawaii is much more common than people think ….
… “Anything that had vested before this went into effect, they would be eligible for,” said Rhoads. “The part that they might not be eligible for is that little increment between whenever the date that is determined to be the date. So it may be that it’s way less than half, maybe half of a tiny percentage, because of when the law passed.” ….
… It exempted English because it only applied to public employees who committed felonies after June 2021 ….
… “How casual they were in taking repeated small amounts of cash shows a certain arrogance, how they had no fear of getting caught.” ….
… Hawaii is no stranger to corruption; here’s a list ….
… Medicare will only reimburse medical work at “reasonable charges” and will not reimburse the doctors for the GET they have to pay ….
… I hope at least having to pay GE Tax on medical services goes away ….
… pay raises would kick in starting with a 3.72% increase effective Oct. 1, followed by 5% on July 1, 2023, and 5% on July 1, 2024 ….
… 8,700 of Hawaii’s 13,500 public and charter school teachers would have their annual salaries adjusted anywhere from $7,700 to $26,000 under SB2819, depending on their years of service ….
… Dems will forward Rosenlee and two others to Gov Ige so he can pick Rosenlee ….
… For more information about the campaign and Sam, please visit his website at ….
… HART Seeks ‘Criminal Penalties’ for Whistle-Blowers–Board Members Excluded from Executive Session ….
… The House is re-opening the State Capitol to the public beginning March 7, 2022. House members, House staff, and the public will be required to adhere to the state vaccination policy to enter the State Capitol ….
… Maui County’s indoor mask requirement must be lifted by the governor ….
… “sometime in March, we should be able to begin to move away from Safe Travels restrictions, and the last thing that will likely go will be the mask mandates.” ….
… “On March 5, we’re going to drop the very last restriction in the city enforced under our last emergency proclamation, which is Safe Access Oahu,” Blangiardi explained. ….
… “As is routinely done when ‘more investigation’ is ‘needed’ on felony charges, HPD and the Department agreed that Armstrong would be released pending that further investigation.” ….
… Watching proposed tax hikes make their way through the Legislature has become an annual tradition ….
… the Capitol is filled with eager beavers ….
… Upcoming Legislative Deadlines ….
… minimum wage hikes kill jobs for teens, young adults, and the less educated ….
… Hawaii legislators are aiming to increase taxes on fuels, property and capital gains, but that might be more trouble than it’s worth ….
… ‘wealth tax’ great way to encourage capital flight ….
… At times, it’s nearly impossible to know exactly why a bill was killed or who was for or against it. Such things happen behind the scenes ….
… SB2916 would prohibit the governor or mayor from suspending requests for public records or vital statistics during a declared state of emergency ….
… Senate Bill 214, and its House companion HB 781, are patterned on the Student Press Law Center’s “New Voices” model legislation ….
… SD1 amendment includes appropriation language “for fiscal year 2022-2023 for the Judiciary to compensate court-appointed masters appointed by a court pursuant to this Act.” ….

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