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Gambling Bill Advances

HB 1962 would study revenue generation as well as public safety issues stemming from a possible casino on DHHL lands.

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Accessed on 13 February 2022, 1317 UTC.

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Gambling measure moves forward: HB 1962 would fund revenue, health study on possible DHHL casino
Gambling measure moves forward: HB 1962 would fund revenue, health study on possible DHHL casino

A bill that would require the Department of Hawaiian Homelands to study potential revenue generation as well as public health and safety concerns arising from “limited casino gaming” on DHHL lands is moving through the state Legislature.


 • Updated 12:05 am

High-tech helping hands: HMC offers minimally-invasive procedures thanks to surgical robot

 • Updated 12:05 am

Roth proposes charging tourists to visit beach parks, zoo

 • Updated 12:05 am

Hawaii congressmen back bill to shut down Navy fuel tanks

US ramps up Ukraine warning, says Russia may invade any day

An eye on the midterms, Dems alter approach on virus

 • Updated 12:34 pm

3 major Democrats run for Hawaii governor, 4th mulls race

EXPLAINER: Why US inflation is so high, and when it may ease

‘The fireworks problem is a multifaceted problem’: State measures include increased fines, permit costs

Five of seven fireworks bills introduced by the state House of Representatives this session cleared their initial committee hurdle, with amendments, while two were shelved.


 • Updated 8:59 pm

BIIF paddling championships: Favored crews from Keaau, Kamehameha, HPA claim titles

 • Updated 9:53 pm

BIIF girls D2 soccer: Kamehameha dethrones HPA with 3-0 win

 • Updated 9:45 pm

BIIF basketball: Olloway exits early, but Kamehameha has slammin’ good time in beating Waiakea

 • Updated 1:44 am

Volcano Watch: Tonga eruption recorded on Hawaii infrasound network and globally

 • Updated 12:05 am

Obituaries for February 13

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Your Views for February 13

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Help reduce packaging waste in Hawaii

 • Updated 12:05 am

Hilo man indicted for sexual assault of minor


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