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Poll results:  Josh Green gets 65% approval rating in Governor’s race.

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Accessed on 07 February 2022, 0524 UTC.

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Weekly News Read
February 6, 2022
… poll numbers on Gubernatorial race, plus Lt Gov and more ….
… Caldwell steps aside and Kahele becomes the mafia candidate ….
… team Kahele lays out the case for a change in mafia leadership ….
… is Caldwell running for Governor to keep himself out of jail? ….
… former First Lady Vicky Cayetano’s campaign reported raising $825,000 ….
… Photos: Obama is not a happy camper ….
… One of the three teams eligible for the stadium replacement includes several partners in one of the two teams selected to compete for the real estate portion of NASED. ….
… With state’s stadium plan, biggest games aren’t on the field ….
… From Jan. 1 through Jan. 30, the Hawaii Department of Health (DOH) has reported 104,843 COVID-19 cases, which is about half of all COVID infections reported in the state since March 2020. ….
… Meanwhile, average daily rate, or ADR, saw a notable jump compared to 2019. ADR was $280 last month, up nearly 20% over December 2019 ….
… OHA’s Board of Trustees will have 60 days to appoint a new trustee for Hawaiʻi Island, who will serve in the position until the next Hawaiʻi state general election in November 2022 ….
… you can’t let your guard down when our esteemed legislators get together ….
… Historically, according the Legislative Reference Bureau, only 10% of bills introduced become law ….
… The legislature appears to be dead set on ignoring the entire impact of short term solutions and catchy soundbites ….
… Hold on to your wallet ….
… In this proposal, “assets” refer to the “worldwide net worth” of the taxpayer and includes items such as stock, business interests, stock and collectibles, business funds and more ….
… Hawaii already has the third-highest level of economic flight per capita in the nation. …
… thus raising the state’s top income tax rate from 11% to 13% ….
… The House measure also addresses the state’s tip credit. ….
… The Senate bill was amended to remove the dollar amount of funding thus requiring a Conference Committee to decide the real dollar amount, if any ….
… “Ariel’s bill” would have required social workers to continue to make home visits even after a foster child is adopted ….
… HB1585 needs greater clarity about the role of the Legislature and stronger statements about protecting transparency and individual rights ….
… the ALOHA homes program as currently envisioned in this bill would result in an expensive, nonsustainable government project that would fail to effectively assist those it is intended to help ….
… The legislation would restrict asset forfeiture to felony cases and would require a criminal conviction before prosecutors could proceed with the process in most cases ….
… Menehune Water President Ken Simon said it’s not practical and would devastate businesses like his, putting hundreds out of work ….
… Getting paid for ‘training’ is preferable to sleeping with lunatics and marrying them. ….
… Road map to prosperity ….
… This is in order to comply with the recent Yukutake v. Connors court case decision ….
… engineering studies to select the ten intersections for the pilot began in January and are expected to be completed in March ….
… Defueling is not a complete shutdown or decommissioning. It is simply a mechanism to fix safety deficiencies and buy time to keep the fuel tanks in Red Hill ….
… this is the same political model being used by OHA to extract rent money from astronomy on Mauna Kea ….
… we have a deadline of this Wednesday, February 2, 2022, to file an appeal of DOH’s Final Order, and we are planning to file in both federal and state court by this deadline ….
…”I am always concerned by any piece of legislation that is not signed by Corporation Counsel….” — Mayor Victorino
… States Whose Unemployment Rates Are Bouncing Back Most ….
… 2022’s States with the Biggest and Smallest Wealth Gaps by Race/Ethnicity ….

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