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Weekly News Read
January 23, 2022
… prosecutors asked about campaign donations from engineering and architectural firm Mitsunaga and Associates, Inc., a company with strong political ties ….
… Amemiya requested documents related to 2016 severance agreements between the city and its former ethics director, Charles Totto, and also former HART Director Daniel Grabauskas ….
… Sword’s apparent defense will create a significant problem for Leong and former city Managing Director Roy Amemiya in their upcoming federal trial ….
… In a 2019 poll by Pacific Resource Partnership, 45% of the island residents surveyed said they were leaving the state or considering a move. Of those contemplating leaving, 47% named the cost of living as the most important reason ….
… the amount of money that individuals and families require to meet their basic needs without government and/or other subsidies ….
… House Speaker Scott Saiki announced plans in an unusually specific, brief speech ….
… Majority Leader Della Au Belatti on Tuesday said that a final report on two state audits will be delayed until Jan. 27 ….
… DHHL: $600M Here, $600M There, and $200M for OHA ….
… 60 percent of businesses have been devastated by the pandemic ….
… The rules and actions of the legislative body are designed to “protect the members” from negative political exposure that comes with “hard votes.” ….
… The Big Island was granted an eighth House seat at the expense of Oahu earlier this month after calculations of so-called nonresident military and students ….
… Insights From Fiscal 50’s Key Measures of State Fiscal Health ….
… Ige today said the State of Hawaiʻi allocated all the $1.6 billion received last May ….
… workers at employers of a minimum size would be enrolled automatically in the program with the ability to opt out ….
… we’re also being told that we can’t fully open the State Capitol to public interaction because it isn’t safe ….
… The word now is that leaders are reconsidering ….
… “It was very clear this was take it or leave it. In the course of Donna briefing us, there was some question about where that money was going to come from. We didn’t get a good answer. The sense of it was, ‘Don’t worry about it.’” ….
… none of Kealoha’s retirement funds has been returned to date ….
… Their recommendation: “Tax pension and other retirement income….”
… “And then when we show up, they take our political messaging and really appropriate it for themselves” ….
… “What I noticed in a lot of the kids that I was around was that their reading skills were not just not up to bar, but they were slipping.” ….
… “This free country/free enterprise thing is complicated.” — Star-Adv ….
… “I’ve never taken a job that’s been dictated who I can hire and who I can’t hire, and I don’t think any coach in their right mind would accept a job like that.” ….
… The plan’s strategies include broadening Native Hawaiian and community participation in planning and programming ….
… Based on how short-term vacation rentals are so often portrayed, I wouldn’t blame you if you thought their owners were all terrible people ….
… Honolulu Council Bill 41, that would limit “short-term” rentals on Oahu ….
… on the Opening Day of the 30th Session of the Hawaiʻi State Legislature, Kahele implores state leaders to act decisively and execute a multi-year statewide strategy to mitigate the pandemic and save lives ….
… Somebody needs to tell ex-Rep Kaniela Ing the left doesn’t like Russia anymore ….
… McDermott (R) Ewa Beach announced he will be a candidate for US Senate this year, challenging incumbent Brian Schatz ….
… As School Disruptions Continue, Families Call Attention to Educational Flexibility, Opportunity During Twelfth Annual Public Awareness Week ….
… Free needles. Lots of free needles ….
… 2022’s Best & Worst States to Drive in ….
… Nearly 4,700 rooftop solar systems installed in 2021; 92,500 now online ….
… Tonga, which was devastated this weekend by volcanic ash and tsunami waves, with unknown loss of life, major damages, and an outage of the undersea cable communications ….
… LawnStarter ranked nearly 200 of the largest U.S. cities on remote worker-friendliness ….

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