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Red Hill:  Board of Water Supply “smokes out” Congress?

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Accessed on 10 January 2022, 0445 UTC.

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January 9, 2022
… BWS statements have become increasingly apocalyptic.  Just don’t ask them to get specific ….
… Dean Hazama will manage HART’s budgeting, grants management, accounting, procurement, contracts oversight, and construction claims ….
… and current ridership projections are based on a 2008 study projecting 2018 ridership numbers ….
… in 2017, Miske wanted “Victim-2” killed because the individual “disrespected him on social media,” according to court documents ….
… the figure includes patients who tested positive for the coronavirus during inpatient screenings, but were admitted to the hospital for other reasons, such as a moped accident ….
… the fifth year in a row that the state has shown a population decline ….
… Hawaii has $364 million idling in an account, equivalent to $2,923 per person living in poverty ….
…  So what have we done with the federal TANF money?  We’ve let it pile up unused ….
… The states in the bottom 10 tend to have a number of afflictions in common: complex, nonneutral taxes with comparatively high rates ….
… the result of years of indulgence and bad habits ….
… twenty informational briefings Senate Ways and Means (WAM) committee will be conducting between January 4–18, 2022 ….
… “A redevelopment of this magnitude brings many potential opportunities for local businesses” ….
… We know that authoritarians rarely give up, and we know they aren’t doing their preparation for the next coup d’état in hiding ….
…”Today, we remember these Americans who have been held in prison, without trials, and reportedly being mistreated, at a Washington DC detention facility.”….
… Successful developer 75-year-old Peter Savio says Hawaii has been saddled with the same problems for years and believes he’s got out of the box solutions ….
… a decision to exclude nearly 100,000 military members as “non-permanent” residents ….
… Hawaii’s website falls short of breaking down what money was spent on beyond the vague spending category descriptions, which leave a lot of gray area ….
… The study showed a statistically significant correlation between how severe state governmental actions were in shutting down their economies and negative impacts on employment more than a year after the COVID-19 pandemic began ….
… each chamber of the Legislature would have to vote for the change by a two-thirds vote ….
… 1,969 out of a total of 21,914 employees were unvaccinated ….
… the trade-off in temporary losses during the adjustment period is met with significant gains in public health ….
… “The decision to keep the building closed … was made to minimize the spread of COVID-19 among members, staff, visitors (ie lobbyists and other insiders), and other building occupants (ie lobbyists and other insiders). The building status will be reevaluated in the coming weeks (ie after the session is over)” ….
… Ethics Commission Chair Melinda Wood stated: “Mr. Harris has the right mix of public policy, litigation, and managerial experience to excel in this role.” ….
… Aimee’s political experience includes working on Kamala Harris’ presidential campaign, helping to draft her “Climate Plan for the People,” and on Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, where she led the Bay Area Idealists4Hillary group ….
… Hawaii is expected to see 8.86 million visitors this year, followed by annual increases until pre-pandemic record numbers are nearly reached ….
… Latest projections are that the economic rebound will provide lawmakers with an extra $890 million to waste ….
… those struggling families no longer have access to federal aid such as stimulus payments, advance child care tax credit payments or enhanced unemployment benefits ….
… grocery prices – called “food at home” by the bureau – rose 6.4% in November. That followed a 9.8% increase in November 2020 compared with November 2019 ….
… This year needs to be the year you step up and put in the work to protect your rights ….
… CLUE: Where is the funding? ….
… This hearing will conduct oversight into the Navy’s maintenance of the Red Hill Bulk Fuel Storage Facility, the Navy’s investigation into and response to the November 2021 release of fuel from Red Hill facility ….
… investigators from the CDC’s National Center for Environmental Health (NCEH) and ATSDR will survey civilians living in homes serviced by the joint base water distribution system ….
“… Immediately suspend operations at the Red Hill Bulk Fuel Storage Tanks, including fuel transfers….”
… The white obelisk at Kaawaloa, which commemorates Capt. James Cook, the British explorer and navigator who was killed at the site on Feb. 14, 1779, was defaced with red paint along with the words “you are on native land.” ….
… Coastal plants and animals have found a new way to survive in the open ocean—by colonizing plastic pollution ….

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