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COVID-19 Update For Hawaii Island


Here’s the latest COVID-19 information for Hawaii Island as of Saturday, 25 December 2021.

Views expressed in this Hawaii Island News summary are those of the reporters and correspondents.

Accessed on 25 December 2021, 2135 UTC.

Content supplied by Hawaii County Civil Defense Agency.


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County of Hawai’i COVID-19 Alert

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This is an important message from Hawaii County Alerts and Notifications:
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This is a Civil Defense message.

This is a COVID-19 informational update for Saturday, December 25th.

For Hawaii County, the Department of Health reports 77 new cases, 433 active cases, and 4 persons hospitalized.

The entire State of Hawaii is experiencing high rates of Coronavirus transmission and community spread on Hawaii Island can be found in every community.

Know that when you leave your residence, you may be exposing yourself to Coronavirus.

Please be reminded that the preventive measures of wearing face coverings, distancing, disinfecting your hands, limiting and avoiding gatherings, and staying home; especially when sick – are key to limiting the spread of this virus.  If you feel sick or may have been exposed to a positive case, please get tested.

The Department of Health recommends getting vaccinated and getting a booster shot to protect yourself, your family, and friends.


For a comprehensive calendar and list of all pharmacies and clinics providing vaccination and testing, please visit the Civil Defense website.


For questions regarding booster vaccination and vaccinations for 5 to 11 year olds, please contact your healthcare provider or visit the Department of Health website.

Mahalo for you kokua.

Have a safe and wonderful Christmas Day.

This is your Hawaii County Civil Defense Agency.

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