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How Christmas came to Hawaii as presented by Hoku Paoa at the Summer Palace.

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December 19, 2021
… As presented by Hoku Paoa Stevenson at the Summer Palace….
… how cops, guards, and a prison gang each did their part ….
… This proves there is much more corruption to be ferreted out–and the crooks know it ….
… Who will be left to pay OHA Rent? ….
… Using the Honolulu rail project as an example, the New York Times wants to know why so many infrastructure projects suffer from such large cost overruns ….
… Blangiardi is opening the discussion by pretending to represent a less unreasonable decision. The purpose–already 90% achieved–is to make building backwards a fait accompli. At some point the discussion will be further manipulated to make the Ala Moana starting point a fait accompli. Anti-rail forces should resist any plan to build backwards ….
… Don’t be fooled. The purpose of this statement is to trick you into accepting the plan to build backwards ….
… Navy water was being flushed on to streets early in December, and the state subsequently ordered the military to stop ….
… the crisis isn’t lasting long enough to force Red Hill tank removal ….
… SHOPO Elections End In Shake-up For Union Leadership after Alm endorsement backfires ….
… The admissions are a big victory for Maafala who sued Ballard and the HPD for defamation after he was transferred from the PSU unit to the midnight patrol watch in Waikiki ….
…  Ige said there were no backlog cases in the 797 infections reported today ….
… The Delta and Omicron variants are highly transmissible. It is likely anyone who tests positive will have infected household members by the time they get test results. Therefore, they are advised to self-isolate at home ….
… DC’s Civil Lawsuit is the First Filed by a Government Entity Against Proud Boys and Oath Keepers; Seeks Damages Caused by Violent & Deadly Attack ….
… Images from ‘Gender Queer’ book checked out of Waianae High School library should help make underage boys more readily available to older homosexuals ….
… The latest academic status report painted a grim picture with 10% of all public school students failing core math and reading classes ….
… In 2020-21, 5,570 students were being home-schooled — nearly double the 2,874 the year before — while more than 3,300 students left the DOE to enter private schools, up from 1,289 the year prior ….
… big fat property tax bills coming next ….
… unlike state authorities, Congress actually can give the Navy orders and Congress is ordering pipe repairs, not tank removal. This is the difference between reality and illusion ….
… 17 divers have been alternating two to three-hour shifts to go down that two-foot-wide hole — approximately 80 to 90 feet deep — to inspect and test the well ….
… but Hawaii has the 2nd worst transmission rate ….
… Economic recovery resumed with the end of Hawaii’s COVID-19 wave. Now Omicron is a new threat ….
… unemployment rate for November was 6.0 percent compared to the revised rate of 6.4 percent in October ….
… Honolulu travelers spend a minimum of $754 for a rental car Christmas week ….
… or, for $4B less, we could buy every family a Nissan Leaf ….
… these debates are meaningless ….
…Translation: The Legislature took the counties’ share of the state TAT away but let them impose their own TAT. I’m giving it to rail — so, in effect, other city services have been cut to fund rail but — like a shell game — with so many moving parts, the public has been deceived….
… Hawaii has experienced a net outflow of residents to the rest of the United States since at least the beginning of the past decade ….
… As Crisis Intensifies, Union Dons Push For Even More Spending ….
… we can grab for 21 hours of ‘professional development’ or college loan relief or something ….
… HSTA, employer file arguments on HSTA’s prohibited practice complaint decision pending by the Hawaii Labor Relations Board ….
… Teleworking UH Faculty will be exempt from requirements to submit work plans through June 30, 2022 ….
… a small apartment complex for low to moderate income renters being managed by the Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement ….
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