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Animals in Crisis

Here’s a message from Hawaii Island resident Susan Collins concerning “the sudden closure of the HRR Animal Shelters as of today.”

Views expressed in this post are those of the reporters and correspondents.

Content supplied by Susan Collins.

Accessed on 30 June 2021, 2024 UTC, Post 23,152.

Source (email message from Susan Collins):

Please click link or scroll down to read the full message.

Please contact your council members about the sudden closing of the HRR animals shelters as of today!

Here is a sample letter:
Dear Council Members,
To terminate the Animal Control Contract with HRR is one thing, but to confiscate all the shelters from HRR because they used County funding to pay the rent DISPLACES HUNDREDS OF VULNERABLE ANIMALS.
To euthanize the animals who have no place to go is inhumane, unethical, immoral and unacceptable.
A reasonable time must be given to allow placement of the animals, at least 30 days.
Mary Rose Krigjsman, President of HRR and Rainbow Friends Animal Sanctuary, took this contract in good faith and
contributed over $90,000 to start HRR animal control services.  They were receiving 54% of the funding that the previous vendor received.  That is not fair.  And  Mary Rose Krijgsman also contributed another $17,000 to the ongoing operations.  USE THAT CREDIT FOR THE SHELTER RENT AND KENNELS.  
HRR was notified of the contract award on July 27, 2020, with the start of services on Aug 1, 2020–four days notice.
Now HPD is giving them less than three days to move hundreds of animals or they will be disposed of.
This is unreasonable and unacceptable.
The Big Island Community calls upon the County Council to stop this madness and do the right thing for the animals.


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Russ Roberts



Retired News director of Pacific Radio Group Radio Stations on Hawaii-the Big Island. I have more than 40 years of broadcast experience, including positons at KTUH-FM (UH-Manoa), KPOI-FM (Honolulu). KHLO-AM (Hilo), KKBG-FM (KBIG-FM)(Hilo/Kona), KAPA-FM (Hilo-Kona). Native-FM (Hilo-Kona), and ESPN Hawaii (Hilo-Kona). Former University of Hawaii-Hilo librarian. Retired Air Force Officer. Amatuer (Ham) Radio operator since 1977 (currently holds the Amateur Extra Class License from the FCC-KH6JRM).... Can read, write, and speak Russian. Retired on 30 September 2011, but still maintains a Hawaii Island News Blog.

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