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Release of Public Records delayed


Hawaii Governor David Ige continues restrictions on release of public records during pandemic.

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Ige continues to restrict the release of public records, citing the pandemic
The state’s public records law continues to be partially suspended under Gov. David Ige’s latest emergency proclamation, allowing government agencies to delay the release of records if they are busy responding to the pandemic. Star-Advertiser.

Teachers’ union says tentative 2-year contract has been ratified
The tentative agreement freezes teachers’ pay through June 2023 and increases state contributions to employee health premiums, says the Hawai‘i State Teachers Association. The state previously proposed up to 20% pay cuts to help balance the budget. Hawaii News Now. KHON2.

Hawai‘i’s hot housing market is squeezing out renters
With the median sales price for a single-family home now approaching or exceeding $1 million in the Islands, the frenzy is fueling seller incomes, realtor commissions and tax coffers. But it also means renters are forced to find new homes, and their numbers could rise when the eviction moratorium is lifted in August. Civil Beat.

“Regenerative tourism” movement wants benefits to outweigh costs
Even before the pandemic, initiatives were underway to shift Hawaiʻi’s visitor industry toward one that gives back more than it takes. A new movement looks to places like Canada and New Zealand for models to achieve that goal. Hawai‘i Public Radio.

Hawai‘i hopes new commission will improve civic engagement 
In a bid to encourage respect for democracy, Hawai‘i has joined a growing list of states, including California and Illinois, in establishing initiatives to educate people about basic government processes and ways to influence them. Civil Beat.

State officials tout incentives, hope more residents will get vaccinated
Many expect that plans to further lift restrictions as vaccination rates rise will entice more people to get their shots. Tribune-Herald.
Kaiser Permanente launched a national sweepstakes campaign, which is open to anyone who received at least one dose from the health organization. Star-Advertiser. KHON2.

Hawai‘i residents among the least likely to switch to alcohol-free drinks, survey finds
In a national survey of 3,000 drinkers, just 58% of Hawai‘i respondents said they would be willing to switch to a non-alcoholic drink for at least a month. KITV4.

We need to put Hawai‘i first by assessing the impact that travelers have here... learn more.
Good Time to Invest in Hawaiʻi
What Editor Steve Petranik wants for Hawai‘i is millions of affluent tourists who each spend lots of money. Budget visitors save money at our expense. Who should benefit most: bargain travelers or our own people? If you want the best for Hawaiʻi and its people, you should become a tourism elitist… read more.
Grand jury declines to charge officers in 16-year-old’s shooting death
In a decision that stunned family members and prompted calls for disclosure, an O‘ahu grand jury declined to indict three Honolulu police officers involved in the April 5 shooting death of an unarmed teenager. Iremamber Sykap was in a stolen vehicle when police fired from behind as the car sat idle on Kala­kaua Avenue. Star-Advertiser. Hawaii News Now. KITV4.

ACLU files lawsuit accusing HPD officer of helping his friend
The American Civil Liberties Union of Hawai‘i said in a federal lawsuit filed yesterday that a Honolulu police officer violated a woman’s constitutional rights when he responded to a dispute she was having with the officer’s business partner and allegedly took actions that benefitted his friend. Civil Beat. Star-Advertiser.

“Miske Enterprise” defendant says he was offered $50,000 to help commit murder
Norman Akau III is the latest defendant to enter into a plea agreement with federal prosecutors in the case against Honolulu businessman and suspected crime boss Michael Miske, who remains behind bars as he awaits trial on a long list of charges, including murder. Hawaii News Now.

Photo: courtesy of G70

Your Office is Changing

It may look a lot different when – or if – you come back. Furniture and accessory suppliers offer advice on how to plan for those changes, and companies discuss how they are evolving operations… read more.

Ethics Board weighs in on Van Pernis complaints
In one petition, the county Board of Ethics found that Leeward Planning Commissioner Mark Van Pernis did not violate the code of ethics. It postponed action on a second petition in order to review videos of planning commission meetings where he was accused of acting inappropriately. West Hawaii Today.

Hawai‘i Fire Department is likely to finish fiscal year slightly under budget
As of May 31, the department had spent just over 84% of its $51.92 million annual budget, which ends June 30. The surplus will pay down years of past-due bills, which were discovered when a new accountant was brought on, Chief Kazuo Todd said. West Hawaii Today.

Photos: David Croxford
How to Increase Visitor Spending

Millions of tourists come to Hawai‘i and venture beyond the resort areas – crowding our parks, beaches, hiking trails, roads and more. But in 2019, total inflation-adjusted visitor spending  actually declined, which means there was no extra money to fix this worn infrastructure. Here are three ways to turn that problem more.
Maui residents invited to give input on future transportation projects
The Maui Metropolitan Planning Organization is seeking public input on improving transportation. Projects include road and bridge repairs, complete street projects, buses, traffic signals and safety improvements. Hawai‘i Public Radio.

Construction of 6-story building proposed on grounds of old Wailuku Post Office
The state Housing Finance and Development Corporation wants to use the proposed building as office space for various state agencies. Maui Now.

Traffic concerns stall Costco gas station expansion plans
The Maui Planning Commission deferred a decision to allow Costco to expand its gas station in Kahului, citing concerns over traffic around the already crowded site. Maui News.

Kaua‘i Humane Society receives $80,000
An anonymous donation of $40,000 was matched by the Kaua‘i Humane Society’s board. The funds will be used to upgrade the organization’s internet and phone lines. Garden Island.

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