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World War II pilot Felix Smith, 100, got his final wish to have his ashes scattered off Oahu

Felix Smith flew the “Hump” over the Himalayas during World War II, hooked up with the leader of the famed Flying Tigers in postwar China and for many years piloted aircraft for what would become CIA-run Air America in China, Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam and Laos — getting shot at pretty regularly in the process.
Mauna Kea astronomy on hold due to Thirty Meter Telescope protests

The high-powered telescope community atop Mauna Kea has made scores of key scientific discoveries over the years while keeping its collective eyes focused on the heavens nightly, weather permitting.
Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard steps up effort to qualify for fall primary debate

Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard needs to attract about 30,000 more unique donors to her presidential bid to fulfill one of two criteria for making it into the Democratic primary debates in September, an event that’s expected to significantly winnow the crowded field of presidential contenders.


Despite harsh environment, Mauna Kea activists find comfort in a shared purpose

MAUNA KEA, HAWAII >> The nights are frigid for Hawaii — around 40 or 50 degrees. But warmth is plentiful in new friendships, hot coffee and gas heat lamps.
Mauna Kea activists demonstrate savvy in organization and nonviolent protest tactics

Hilo, HAWAII >> The fast-moving events that unfolded last week show the Thirty Meter Telescope protests cannot be dismissed as a bump in the road. Increasingly, they seem to foretell a longer struggle.
Thirty Meter Telescope opponents gather support for resistance

MAUNA KEA, HAWAII >> Opponents of the $1.4 billion Thirty Meter Telescope project atop Mauna Kea continued to gather support from near and far Saturday while law enforcement activity was mostly quiet.
Workshops guide isle migrants on path to citizenship

About 50 Hawaii residents with green cards began the first step toward U.S. citizenship Saturday at St. Joseph Catholic Church in Waipahu with the help of lawyers, unionized hotel workers and a group of current and newly graduated University of Hawaii law school students and their professor.
Charter amendment proposal would dissolve HART

City Council Chairman Ikaika Anderson wants voters to abolish the Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation and transfer oversight of the island’s troubled rail construction project to an agency that answers directly to the mayor.
Lee Cataluna: Magical Spalding House museum needs a savior

On Friday afternoon, all the marked stalls were taken and people were parking wherever they could along the tall hedge. A security guard was happy to let people know it was OK to park on the grass.
Volcanic Ash: City ethics panel showed its bare bottom on Kealohas

One of the tragedies of the corruption scandal involving former Police Chief Louis Kealoha and his prosecutor wife, Katherine, was that our city couldn’t police its own wrongdoing and federal authorities had to come in and do it for us.
Spinal injury session at Makena State Park on Tuesday

Makena >> One of Maui’s most dangerous beaches will host a special talk-story session on spinal injury prevention in conjunction with Hawaii Beach Safety Week.
New crosswalk signs to go up on Maui

The county Department of Public Works will be installing signs at busy crosswalks starting this week to remind motorists that state laws require them to stop for pedestrians in crosswalks.
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