7th Annual VW Bug-in and Drag Race Report

The Big Island VW Club and the Big Island Auto Club presented the 7th Annual Bug-in, auto show, and drag races at the Hilo Drag Strip on 20-21 July 2019.

Final race results are based on data compiled by the Tower Staff of the Big Island Auto Club and the Big Island VW Club.

Accessed on 22 July 2019, 0645 UTC, Post 19237.

Source (via email):


Here’s the complete report submitted to the Big Island Auto Club and the Big Island VW Club.

“Here are the results of the 7th Annual Bug-in and drag races held at
the Hilo Drag Strip on 20-21 July 2019:
Saturday races:
Junior Dragster competition.  Winner:  Elena Fiesta (Hilo) (9.09
sec/70 mph).  Runner up:  Griffin Augustin (Hilo)(9.72 sec/63 mph).
VW Quick 8 Competition.  Winner:  Don Canda (Hilo) (VW–11.07 sec/117
mph). Runner up:  Danny Namihira (Keaau) (VW–10.75 sec/120 mph).
Canda wins on a hole shot.
VW Bracket 2. Winner:  Race Bolner (Hilo) (VW–12.22 sec/101 mph).
Runner up:  Ed Suzuki (Pukalani, Maui) (VW with Porsche shell–11.39
sec/114 mph).  Suzuki broke out of bracket.
Mega Bracket competition.  Winner:  Billy Ogani (Hilo)
(Digger–8.18/163 mph).  Runner up:  Noah Rayston (Hilo)
(Anglia–11.24 sec/85 mph).  Rayson red-lighted at the starting line.
Fastest car on the track for Saturday:  Billy Ogami (Hilo)
(Digger–8.165 sec/163 mph).
Sunday races:
Junior Dragster competition.  Winner:  Tyren Angel (Keaau) (9.16
sec/72 mph).  Runner up: KJ Kekaualua (Mt. View) (9.25 sec/69 mph).
Mega Bracket competition.  Winner:  Shawn Okumura (Hilo)
(Toyota–10.74 sec/125 mph).  Runner up: Noah Royston (Hilo)
(Anglia–8.69/151 mph).  Okumura wins on a holeshot.
VW Bracket competition.  Winner:  Race Bolner (Hilo) (VW–12.64 sec/85
mph).  Runner up:  Joe Debus (Kailua-Kona) (VW–23.60 sec/32
mph–Debus suffered a mechanical problem just after leaving the
starting line.
Next Race:  10 August 2019 (day and night racing, weather permitting).
Submitted by:
Russ Roberts
Tower Announcer, Big Island Auto Club.”

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