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Court to Trump: Blocking Twitter critics is unconstitutional

The effect of the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals decision is likely to reverberate throughout politics after the Manhattan court warned that any elected official using a social media account “for all manner of official purposes” and then excluding critics violates free speech. Read more

Startups make meat in the lab that avoids slaughter

As global demand for meat grows, supporters say cell-based protein is more sustainable than traditional meat because it doesn’t require the land, water and crops needed to raise livestock — a major source of greenhouse gas emissions. Read more

Amazon, Microsoft battle over the Pentagon’s ‘war cloud’ contract

Formally called the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure plan, or JEDI, the military’s computing project would store and process vast amounts of classified data, allowing the Pentagon to use artificial intelligence to speed up its war planning and fighting capabilities. Read more

U.S. proceeding with plan for coalition to deter Iran threats

The top U.S. military officer says Washington will move ahead with plans to build a coalition of nations to monitor and deter Iranian threats against shipping in the Persian Gulf and in a heavy trafficked waterway between theArabian Peninsula and the Horn of Africa. Read more