Big Island Auto Club Drag Race Results, 22-23 June 2019

Welcome to the “Big Island Auto Club Drag Race Results” for 22-23 June 2019 from Hawaii News Digest.

Views expressed are those of the Tower Staff and Race officials.

Content supplied by the Big Island Auto Club.

Source:  Completed race results as compiled by the Tower Staff and IT operators belonging to the Big Island Auto Club.

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“Here are the results of the Big Island Auto Club Drag Races held at
the Hilo Drag Strip on 22-23 June 2019.
Saturday Results:
The Clutch Car Shootout:  Winner–Gary Matsuo (Hilo) in a Camaro
(12.08 sec/106 mph). Second place–Jason Freitas (Hilo) in a Honda
(13.00 sec/105 mph). Third place–Riley Kamahele. Fourth place–Philip
Mega Bracket Race:  Winner–Sydney Koga (Hilo) in a Camaro (10.17
sec/133 mph).  Second place–Ron Dugon (Pahoa) in a Jaguar (Red
lighted–no time).
Fastest car on the track (Saturday):  Brandon Murakami (Aiea, Oahu) in
a Cavalier (7.121 sec/193 mph).

Sunday Results:
Junior Dragsters Competition:  Winner–K.J. Kekaualua (Mt. View) with
a time of 8.887 sec/71 mph).  Second place–Griffin Augustin (Hilo)
with a time of 9.64 sec/63 mph).
Motorcycle Bracket:  Winner– Rylan Grillot (Hilo) on a Suzuki with a
time of 9.28 sec/145 mph.  Second place–Philip Ines (Kamuela) on a
Honda with a time of 16.21 sec/75 mph.
Mega Bracket Race:  Winner–Race Bolner (Hilo) in a VW Bug (12.12
sec/105 mph).  Second place–Sydney Koga (Hilo) in a Camaro (10.17
sec/134 mph).

Next Race:  The VW Bug In, 20-21 July 2019 at the Hilo Drag Strip.

Russ Roberts
Big Island Auto Club tower announcer”

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